alberta’s very late goals post:(


So late this round, haven’t even posted goals – do I even have any?  Apologies for being late and all of a dither.  Have had visitors for a week, mixed time, they are great friends and we always enjoy having them to stay  but one is terminally ill so who knows if he will be able to manage to get here next time, or even if he will be here. Lovely to see him but so distressing to watch him suffer. Facing mortality makes other stuff fade a little in importance. So not much time spent on machine.

Friend from forever/editor and I spent usual time chatting and brainstorming while they were here and have now found the basis of two more creation stories so I think have enough to create a book of them. Next year I hope. I made a good start with one of them last NaNo,  The Memory Keeper.

Have spent a fair amount of time lately clearing ‘clutter’ in my abode. Sacks and sacks of ‘rubbish’ have marched away. Thanks to Elizabeth Ann Mitchell for the push needed to do what is long over due.  I am going to be completely re-arranging my two work areas when the de cluttering has been done (writing  and craft rooms)  it is part of long term life goals, so I have been doing something worthwhile:) have also started clearing out the garage and continue to try and rescue the garden from its wilderness fad:) Am hitting the deck exhausted each night:(

As I lost so much time at the end of last round, dismantling The Ancestor’s Tale and restructuring it into an entirely different book The Children’s Tale – I feel the need to put head down, flex fingers and just get going this round.  Dragon is primed and roaring to go.  So much writing as well as gardening I will need to watch the load on hands and wrists.

 ROW80 3rd round Goals


1) Finish The Children’s Tale

Begin 1st/2nd edit of the same

(while I am aiming for completion this year, with friend from forever/editor’s husband being so ill I cannot ask her to deal with the manuscript, so publication may have to be delayed, but at least it will be finished)

2) Find title and cover for Memoirs

Begin entering Family History info into structure for book

(I am not writing these for general publication but would like to get them finished as I have other family history stuff to knock into shape)

3) Finish two book trailers(half of one is done so I think do-able)

4) Divide and post The Storyteller’s Tale as serial on Sefuty Chronicles


1) Plan and research for The Companion Tales (already started with imports from Ancestors when it was dismantled)

Ditto the collection of creation stories(already begun with The Memory Keeper)

Ditto for collection of fantasy/fairy tales (drafts only at the moment)

2) Consider NaNo this year (at moment thinking I might be a rebel and get on with Blue Moon- rather than start anything new but there’s time yet)


Do better!


Do better!


1) Review read books

2) Catch up on reading challenge posts

Life et al

1)  Continue to de-clutter, rearrange,and order my chaotic lifestyle.

2)  Keep trying to get my energy levels back up.

3)  In a couple of months of the 2) make some decisions on health

Think that’s about it – they will probably change or need tweeking at some point but for the moment that will do.

This Week:

 Writing: Have been editing what I salvaged

 Blogging: A late posting for IWSG

 Networking: Some

 Reading: Finished Solar by  Ian McEwan   for book group and The Lifeboat  by Charlotte Rogan for one of my challenges

 Life et al:  Much de-cluttering, a little gardening (too hot)

Hope everyone has had a good first week, and that the sun shines for you:)


12 thoughts on “alberta’s very late goals post:(

  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. I also have a friend who is terminal right now, so I can relate. :(

    Good luck with the decluttering! That sounds like a fabulous goal. I should add it to my own lit, I think. :)

    • alberta says:

      De-cluttering my 2nd least fav task after general housework (which I guess is why I need to de-clutter! Elizabeth spoke about doing it little and often last round and so I decided to follow hwe example before I became a Mr Trebus:)

      Sorry to hear about your friend- it’s painful

  2. Julie Glover says:

    It’s amazing how decluttering your space can also free up your mind to focus on your tasks. I hope that works for you.

    Best wishes with your goals! I’m saddened to hear about your friend. Hugs coming your way.

    • alberta says:

      Thanks for good wishes – hard but harder still for my friend from forever/editor who has already been through this with other memebrs of the family. All I can do is offer open house and any hour of time and day phone (she’s too far away for me to drive too.)

      As to de-cluttering I keep hearing it’s good for clearing the head – I hope thats true – at the moment it is rather ‘doing my head in’:)

      all the best with your goals this round

  3. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Alberta, I’d wondered where you’d got to… but regardless, if anyone can achieve your goals, you can! You’re a gutsy lady with her head screwed on straight. Just keep going where your heart leads. It sounds like you’ve achieved a great deal just getting the clutter out of control.

    I am deeply sorry to hear about your friend. I have been through it too many times, and I know how distressing it is. Wishing you peace.

    • alberta says:

      like your slip there – it has been a life time acheivemnt getting my clutter out of control:) seriously though not under control yet, months of work still ahead but am beginning to see clear spaces now.

      As to my friend – why does it seem worse when it happens to someone so full of life and grit – he’s the sort who will try and prove the prognosis wrong and outlive us all, but I do fear he’s losing big time – the change in just the last month is bad news. Thanks for good wishes.

      • Cate Russell-Cole says:

        It was a Monday morning… It is tax time. They have changed the tax lodgement system. Life is chaos. That’s my excuse for my slip – the Government made me do it! ;-)

        Hon, all I can say is, as your friend is so full of life, he will enjoy every last bit of it, which is an opportunity that sadly, many waste. And the afterlife will be even better for him, as he’ll have arrived with the right mindset to appreciate it. We waste our days. It’s an awful reminder, but one that is needed.


        (Yeah, that one passed editing.)

      • alberta says:

        Ah well if it was the government:) it was true though and made me laugh – I like a laugh:)

  4. I’m in the process of decluttering myself. It’s a very anxious and freeing exercise :) You’ve been a very busy bee and accomplished a great deal with company no less! Take a breath or two and relax you’ve earned it :) Good luck this week, we’ll make our goals :)

    • alberta says:

      I find it hard to really get to grips with it – I keep things because I want them, to move stuff on and out of my life is difficult. Clearing rubbish thats the easy if boring part but ‘stuff’ well. . .

      we will all get there somehow or other, you’re right:)

  5. I’m so pleased that you found my decluttering goal helpful, Alberta! I am becoming more mimimalist as I age–I just don’t want to take care of inanimate things any more!

    As for your goals, don’t be so hard on yourself. The untangling, editing and rethinking of Ancestor’s Tale took a lot of work, so don’t minimize that effort. You deserve to let the well replenish a bit, I’d say. Have a lovely beginning of the week.

    • alberta says:

      I suspect I have more to do than you:) a few years worth at least and although minimalistic is good I’m not sure with my pack rat genes i could ever acheive it but a goal nevertheless.

      I find as the years (and the toll of them) wear on, it is easier to rest oneself – a few years ago I could easily push myself, get tired, rest shake myself dog like and begin again – now, if I do that, the rest period becomes days:(waste of time that) so need to be sure I dont over-do to begin with – diff. lesson to learn but I’m learning:)

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