creative cooking challenge ahead:)albert’a check in

ROW80LogocopyBeen strange week – that’s all I seem to have these days. It was to be a reading week and I did manage to read a couple. I attended a Book Group discussing Solar by Ian McEwan. Despite liking his other books this one I didn’t enjoy to my surprise and that of the others at the group. Thinking about it later I think it was because I wasn’t in the right mental frame to enjoy this dark satire (which I would normally have enjoyed immensely).  Maybe it seemed unnecessary and pretentious in the face of my friend’s illness, maybe there wasn’t a capacity for humour within myself for the same reason, maybe I just needed pure escape, a Georgette Heyer maybe or a read from my childhood, when all was well. Who knows? Us book worms are certainly aware of how mood can influence our enjoyment or not of a good read. Whatever, I gave it 5/10 for the great writing, he is so good with his words.  I will revisit it at a later date.

 I had the monthly meeting of my Living History Group which produced its usual fascinating stories and also the Quiz Group I attend once a month – I didn’t come anywhere this month:( Singing as normal the last of this term so will have to warble by myself for a few weeks.

 My ‘sciatica finally drove me to the doctors where I discovered it wasn’t sciatica after all, its what we would call weavers bottom, housemaids knee or tennis elbow = bursitis. Anyway inflammation where the leg fits into the hip. No wonder it hurt. So am tentatively trying some gel – I am allergic to anti inflammatory pills but hopefully gel will be okay. The doc. doesn’t want to go the injection route because of the rat poison, so fingers crossed.

Then the car entered its final weeks.  It failed its MOT, I have never had a car which has failed its MOT – I feel like its me who’s failed!! Repairs expensive and the prognosis long term? Bad, bad, bad.  I had been thinking of replacing it at end of year, beg of next – long term goal for couple of years – when there would be sufficient cash to do so.  I was not thinking of doing so now because cash is tight. Of course LIFE couldn’t resist that one:( so last couple of days when I should have been reading (the sun is out for goodness sake, I could have been ensconced under the lilacs with a good read:( I have been checking different makes, prices, insurance etc. 

Am off this morning to test drive a likely candidate and to check it’s dog friendly, no good if the guide dog is not comfy in it:)  This will mean numerous sheets/towels to ensure no scratch marks, no dog hair, marks the surface of a car not yet mine, and an interested ring of salesmen watching.

Then, with a deposit and some financial shenanigans it might be mine, in a week or so.  My sister and I will then probably have to go bread and water rations for a few years to pay for it. At times like this I’m really glad I can cook, that I am creative, that I like a challenge:)

This week we have had our summer with a vengeance – we should remember not to complain too much – it has been hot, hot, hot – and our part of the coast has not even been as hot as everywhere else. The garden curls and crisps, fruit has been pushed on in a desperate race to seed before oblivion, at least we might get some sweetness this year.  Older cat thinks she’s in heaven and spends hours overheating in the super heated dust.  Her ‘bestest place’ she smiles up and purrs at me:)

Did I do anything towards my goals?  Yes some.

This week


1) Began editing what I have of The Children’s Tale, as much as anything in order to be able to continue. As it’s been ripped from previous Ancestors Tale the whole format changed and so much is different now it seemed sensible to at least re-1st draft it so I know how to carry on.This has been quite successful and relaxing (which I wasn’t expecting)I have spoken severely to the main characters, telling them of my expectations of their behaviour ( they need keeping an eye on, after all it was them that wrecked Ancestors, I think now they have claimed the new Tale  for their own they will behave:)

 2) Made a fair amount of progress on one trailer – I had thought I had finished the trailer for Fiddling Feline but a couple of months ago I pulled it back and began again. Have re jigged all the pictures, and ditto the tune – just have to do the timing and I am happier with it.  Jack’s Tale is proving more difficult – I kinda have the tune but pictures have defeated me so far. 

 3) Blogs:  well better, in that I have written one! some more on interests feeding into The Sefuty Chronicles.  Still one is hardly earth shattering – excuse=spent that time looking at dumb cars.

 4) Have begun separating The Storyteller’s Tale into sections.  It is a longer story than Ellen’s Tale and so will take a bit of doing.  Morgen Bailey is not running her novel nights in anymore (that is where Ellen’s Tale was serialised, and is still available) so I will be doing it on my blog each week – not worked out where, Sefuty Chronicle blog or this one and how often, so need to do some more thinking.

Networking: still only the minimum I really must do better.


1) Read The Behaviour of Moths by Poppy Adams and Embers by Sandor Marai. I enjoyed both and they were both very introspective books, written in the first person and dealing very much with persons thoughts on events.  So re 1st para on the mood of the reader.

2) Have updated Goodreads and am now up to 60 toward my 75 goal for this year, when I look at them have succeeded in a few of my challenges already so must, must, get the reviews written (not for all 60 I hasten to add:)

 Life: Been too hot really to garden, apart from throwing some water around in the blissfully cool early morning.  Been doing more de-cluttering – beginning to almost enjoy this. Three groups enjoyed.

 Not to bad a week.

Next Week:  It is a writing week so heads down, fingers at the ready:) Fairly clear of social stuff- so no excuses.

I hope everyone else had a satisfactory week and are enjoying whichever season it is where they are:)


8 thoughts on “creative cooking challenge ahead:)albert’a check in

  1. Tia Bach says:

    My view of books is definitely mood and life dependent. It’s hard to remove “where you are at the time” from the equation.

    Looking forward to seeing how your goals progress in Round 3!

    • alberta says:

      I’m looking forward to that too:) the last 18months have def. taught me how easily one can get derailed from these goals! – so far so good.

  2. Debbie_e says:

    Wow, that sounds like you have done so much. I’m not an Ian McEwan fan at all, but it’s not his fault – I was made to study him at A-Level.
    Good luck with the writing week next week. I love it when there’s no social engagements and I can just sit dwn and write. Very liberating. Best of luck with that and the car.

    • alberta says:

      love the clear weeks – no grabbing moments between other stuff – A-level can kill a book dead – Mansfield Park and To the Lighthouse were the two I have NEVER read again -and that was from the 60s for goodness sake – school has a lot to answer for!:) car is shaping up nicely fingers crossed and have begun well on the wrtiting front thanks for the good wishes:)

  3. Sorry about the car difficulties! The strangest, stupid things like that can take away from writing time, I know.

    Good luck with all your projects — that’s quite a list!

  4. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    I find that frame of mind heavily affects how I do/don’t enjoy books as well. You are not alone in that one.

    Alberta, I hope you find an excellent new car and easily. I’ve driven so many old bombs which failed their registration tests and cost me a fortune, I know just where you’re coming from!

    Keep plunging ahead with your writing goals. I hope cooler weather is on the way soon. We are absolutely frozen solid here. Counting the weeks until Spring!!!!!

    • alberta says:

      well all going well I have found a new second hand one:) 5000 on the clock and last years model – may see me out, cant tell if this will be my last or whether keep my marbles intact enough for another after! of course 2nd hand no choice of colour so can’t indulge in my taste for lime green – but dog and sister both seem to approve so deposit down – now juggling money around so can afford to pay for it:(

      I could do with some of that cold weather here – poor hearts don’t cope well with this heat, did have this abode built to keep cool in summer and warm in winter but one still has to go out and about – guess you’d like some of our heat wouldnt it be good if we could do part exchange weather with each other – we could both be warm then but not suffering:) cheers – take care:)

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