The Storyteller’s Tale in parts: alberta’s check in

ROW80LogocopyThe sunshine is still here but now, as it always will, it is mixing shamefully with rain – the union of such a mating is never good – the offspring being Muggy, Humidity and Thunderstorm.  Very few would welcome them in their neighbourhood.

I have succumbed today to total lethargy – and lolled around in bed until lunch time – bedroom is north facing and catches all the breeze – I tell myself it is not sloth which keeps me there but commonsense – and I will defend that position with energy if I had any!

This week has been more about furniture than writing but thankfully, although with the heat it has been painstakingly slow, all the furniture moved is in its rightful place – thank goodness I have no carpets, sliding stuff was the order of the day, not lifting. All that remains this coming week is to get endless papers into drawers and endless books back into bookcases.

 The trouble with sorting books is one comes across books – not seen in a while / not read (how?)  / must re-read it was good / and ah that’s where you got to. Takes hours to put them all back! Now my TBR pile is higher and my re-read pile stupid.

 While I have been sorting I discovered some old tokens from at least 10 years back for WHSmith, They said no time limit so I wandered in and ordered two text books I had wanted for a while and have been reading them this week.  I am so pleased I overlooked those tokens all those years ago – theses two books are delicious in both sense of the word. Both are about cooking.  About how Cooking Makes us Human in fact.

 One of the books Cooked is definitely not to be read when one is feeling hungry. Have just finished 1st part, nearly a hundred pages on southern style barbeque (southern of course in the USA) It is fascinating and lyrical at the same time, a hymn to the glories of real food.  I want myself some of that barbeque. It is of course hog roast by a different name but what hog roast, I am always complaining no-one does it correctly nowadays.  Roast pork is all we get – at best – but I remember eating hog roast in my youth and I do believe that you lucky folks down south still have it.  Slightly different in taste because of the different wood.

 Have been reading, also, more than writing – mainly because of the heat and because of fatigue ,have definitely been over doing it – I never learn:(

 ROW80 This week

 Writing:  What I have done this week is divide The Storyteller’s Tale into 13 parts – I have created a 2nd blog on my Sefuty chronicle blog site especially to post each part.  

 The first part went up today and from now on in I will post all the rest on Saturdays and Sundays. This is Keria’s story; she is the character I have the softest spot for, such a difficult complicated child, she needs a good shake:)

 The site not quite finished yet as I want to get the Ellen’s Tale instalments up onto a page and haven’t quite figured that out.

 I have been doing a bit more editing, and written two more chapters towards The Children’s Tale.

 Blogs: I was engaged in the Bloggers Book Fair this last week and showcased two authors A.Jarrel Hayes and Cindy C Bennett on my Red Carpet.  They in turn spotlighted me on their blogs here and  here.   I have downloaded a dozen books this last week and am going to settle down to read these new authors.  Many are in genres I always say I don’t read but I am going to try because one thing I have learnt over the decades is that ‘never’ is a stupid word ‘sometimes’ is better.

 Others: Continue to make progress on Fiddling Feline trailer and Jack’s Tale trailer.

Reading: Read Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir for book group – I am not a great fan of historical fiction when it deals with real people, I object to the tampering of someone’s life when they are not around to attest to the tampering.  Just me! It was an easy read but nothing new, I have heard all these Queens stories so many times.

Am reading a really good book set in India (that’s what kept me in bed all morning:) as well as Cooked by Michael Pollan and Cooking made us Human by Richard Wrangham. 

Next Week

1) Still to write, a few more chapters for The Children’s Tale,

2) Write at least two blogs

3) Finish Fiddling Feline trailer

4) Finish new Storyteller blog site and transfer Ellen’s Tale instalments over to it

5) Get remaining clutter back into drawers etc so that I can walk boldly around my own abode (not tiptoeing through piles:(

I hope everyone had a good week and will have a good week to come – keep smiling everyone:)


8 thoughts on “The Storyteller’s Tale in parts: alberta’s check in

  1. denizb33 says:

    Oooh, I love the sound of lolling in bed… And yes, sorting books is a dangerous exercise! I remember I ead Dickens’ The Chimes in one sitting, cross legged on the floor, while I was supposed to be organizing a bookshelf…

  2. Emily Witt says:

    I love/hate it when you realise you’ve got so many goodies hidden away on your bookshelf! And I am rather jealous of your getting to stay in bed so long! (I’ve just come back from a holiday – wish I was still there!). I will have to check out your Storyteller blog when I have the time! Good luck with the rest of the week! Sounds like you know where you’re going and what you need to do – kudos!

    • alberta says:

      Now a holiday, that sounds good – been a while since I have had one of those:(am rather enjoying the re-discovered goodies from the shelves – but seriously impeding ‘work’ on novel – must put them away:)

  3. Julie Glover says:

    Quite a lot done, Alberta! Good for you.

    I wondered how Cooked would be. I read Omnivore’s Dilemma a long time ago, and it changed some of my shopping habits.

    As to BBQ, I wish I could send you some of our best Texas BBQ. It’s probably not like what your cookbook calls “Southern” (which is usually more the states east of us), but it’s good in its own right. :)

    • alberta says:

      I’m going to read some more of him – I bought this as I heard him discussing it and his ideas of real food o our radio Food programme – I am great beleiver in real food- the barbecue sound so delicious – hog roast – slow cooked for hours over fire – all chopped with various bits of hog mixed dark/light, lean/fat crackling chopped – some with seasoning but I reckon would be heaven on its own no seasoning – he has whole bit about the anthropology of fire cooked meat and culture/tradition/ ceromony etc which is interesting and the fact that every area has its own way and how everyone else’s is just ‘wrong’:)

      He starts in North Carolina but wanders around sampling – even has a go at helping at the pits himself – hard work – that part was fire now we move onto water – tomorrow maybe must do some writing:)

  4. Debbie_e says:

    I love thunderstorms! We had some in my neck of the woods, but now it’s hot and humid here again too. I think you were sensible to stay in bed, especially if you had been working hard moving furniture.
    The Cooked book sounds intriguing too. It is blissful to stay in bed with a good book.
    Sounds like you’ve still been productive though.

    • alberta says:

      Finished the bed book – this evening – couldn’t settle until I had – brilliant book and there’s going to be a follow up – great – Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh good read and another of TBR pile, chunky book, and word challenge so lots of boxes ticked this lazy Sunday:)

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