Books, books and yet more book:) alberta has been been reading

ROW80Logocopy In the spirit of de-cluttering I have been sorting books this week. This is a very pleasant task I assure you:)  Because I entered reading challenges I have kept back all the books I have read this year with the intention of reviewing some and entering all into the relevant challenges. The months have skipped by and  I wrote very little about the books as I struggled with my own.

 Now I am trying to regain some order in my writing space I thought to move the books to another place. I’m not sure I had realised how many I had read. I had upped the Goodreads challenge from 50 a year to 75 and now this week to 100. I have now read 71 books this year towards all my challenges:) a goodly number considering we still have a few months to go until the end of the year. The books are tidy in another bookcase. The books still to read! so many, are in the writing room tempting me with untold tales. I must resist better.


Still with books, this week I have been reading two kinds of books ,  on sermons and new Christianity and also on atheism. Although I have already done quiet a deal of research on these two aspects of humanity for the part of The Children’s Tale which I have had to jettison (for re-cycling in Companion Tales) I am still left with an awkward section. My survivors in The Sefuty Chronicles are a mixed bunch encompassing many elements of the old civilisation. Now I have a couple of orphans – young, 8 and 4 years, grappling with the concept of God and extreme calamity, the only available person to talk to is a Feral who has no concept of religion. Before I write it I felt I needed more information on the arguments on both sides. It is an interesting experience reading both sides at the same time.


I needed some relief and so have been reading other books, fantasy on the whole and a few fairy tales thrown in.


I am joining Cate Russell-Cole on her Memoir group and as kissafrog is mostly used to write about my past and its conections with the present, I have decided that is where I shall link to. The odd up to date posts will not impede so very much.

 ROW80: This Week:


1: Writing -I spent some more time editing The Children’s Tale.  Not as much as I hoped but they were tricky bits so not too sad.


2: Reviews -The task of commenting on so many books is a trifle daunting:( I have begun, I have begun, over on albertareads


I have sorted the read books into separate piles for each challenge, to get through so many I must clump them into threes or fours and resist the temptation to witter on for ever:)


I have four reviews ready to put up this coming week, and four more in draft. 8 done and dozens more to pen:(   albertareads is connected to my Goodreads profile.


3: Blog -The 3rd part of The Storyteller’s Tale is posted on sefutychronicles

The 2nd part is moved over to  its own blog.  Each part will be moved there. I don’t want sefutychronicles cluttered with such large amounts of text.


4: Trailers -The two trailers proceed apace. But I haven’t spent much time on them this week.


5: Workshops -I have begun a new workshop over on Coursera  On A Brief History of Humanity, it should be interesting.


Savvyauthors has changed its website due to extensive problems with hackers and due to some technical hitches I and some others have not been able to access the site for weeks. I am at last back on and having missed the workshop I should have been doing Spilling the Beans:Secrets, Lies and Backstory.  Have downloaded all the lectures and been reading them up. Very interesting. Shame I wasn’t around to try everything out on the day but the lecture notes are good.


So not a brilliant week but satisfying and as there wasn’t a lot of work done quite relaxing


Next Week:


More of the same;

I still have about 20000 words to write for The Children’s Tale.

Keep writing the reviews and link to the challenges.

Write blogs for sefutychronicles and kissafrog. (make sure it is ready to become part of the memoir postings)

Trailers and Networking


I hope everyone has had a good week, all the best for the coming one.





4 thoughts on “Books, books and yet more book:) alberta has been been reading

  1. Missed you for the IWSG this month.

    • alberta says:

      Oh no – I’m sorry – forgot:( please don’t knock me off the list – I will do better – I had only marked the wall calender till middle of year – had forgotten to update it (I’m going to blame it onto old age memory – can I get away with that as an excuse:)

  2. Debbie_e says:

    Some times satisfying can be better than quantity.
    71 books already is really impressive. I’ve often tempted to see how many I’d read, but I have enough going on at the moment.

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