alberta’s back just in time:)


Well I’m swinging back in right at the last moment. I didn’t forget you all, I have been watching/commenting when I could. I have missed the daily excursions into the group though. I initially took a month off from my groups and social engagements down here in the real world, a month of being to do whatever I wished sounded tempting.

However things didn’t work out quite like that – as we know happens, and I suddenly announced I was taking time out from cyberspace as well, as my friend from forever and her partner came to stay. He was in the terminal stages of cancer and very ill and she, as you might guess, needed support.

I’m glad they came, although it was tragic watching the demise of one who had been feisty and strong all his life. The weeks were sad but I think it helped them both. He has died now, no more pain and for that we are grateful.

She and I talked a lot and sat around more than either of us are used to. Cyberspace was not an option. Writing was not there either. After they left to go home, and for him to say goodbye to other friends, I endeavored to catch up on blogs and workshops but I think probably I won’t want to write fiction until after the funeral.

On the up side of it all, I am on some new pills and they have a great side effect – they have almost killed all the pain. I no longer wake every morning having to decide between, grinning and bearing it or giving in to the pain killers (which really didn’t work so well). So that is great – long may it last. And I have been given the all clear and discharged from the cancer clinic after five years of check ups:)

It’s funny – it was being told I had cancer back then that decided me to self publish and venture up here into cyberspace. Life being uncertain and aging relentless. So looking back it was a good thing. Silver linings are more visible from a distance.

My de-cluttering progresses slowly and many  sacks have left the house to new pastures – it is difficult to see the difference sometimes as every time I clear a space something mysteriously occupies it:)

Have I done anything writing wise?

ROW80: the last month

Writing: No.

The 6th part of The Storyteller’s Tale is up today

Thinking: Yes.

Blogs : Yes. About writing fantasy, about the wilderness that is my garden, maybe half a dozen book reviews. I also wrote about the pitfall of research for IWSG.

Others: Downloaded Scrapple from Scrivner (mind mapping tool) still in Beta fro windows and have managed to get my plans for the rise of the new civilization onto paper instead of just in my head. It has worked so well.

I have joined a couple of memoir groups to aid my efforts at leaving some kind of trail in the future.

Workshops: So behind on these not true. Am doing three with Coursera That’s Climate Change, The History of Humanity and another on Reason and Argument. I have finished Savvy’s workshop on?? And now do one on websites and another which has just finished on naming, the logic, reason and accuracy of using names.

Reading: Lots too many to mention, Books on fantasy, folklore, food, the DNA of evolution, sermons and atheism, novels over a huge range of genre; historic, magic realism, fairy tale, murder mystery, literary, classic

Next week I will see whether I came anywhere near the goals I set myself at the beginning of the round:) I doubt it but you never know. So see you all in a couple of days.


4 thoughts on “alberta’s back just in time:)

  1. Hi Alberta

    Firstly let me say that it is wonderful that you have been given the all-clear from the Cancer clinics. That is worth so much celebration.
    Secondly I am sorry you went through a difficult time in losing someone in your life.
    I know what you mean about needing time out from cyberspace when real life takes priority. Hope that you take things easy. Hope that the year ends on a calmer note for you.

    • alberta says:

      I hope the rest of the year is calmer but I refuse to hold my breath:) thanks for your comment. I am happy I have been signed off. The pain well I await the colder weather, maybe it wont be so good but I am hopeful:)

  2. morganmandel says:

    Glad to hear you have the all clear from the clinic, and also your pain has subsided. Sad about your friend, but the important thing is you were there for him and his wife when needed. Writing is not our entire life, although sometimes it’s easy to forget that!

    Morgan Mandel

    • alberta says:

      Yes sadness was the feeling but relief too that his pain is over – it was dreadful to see and we felt so helpless to ease it. He kept his sense of humour, just, to the end.

      Am happy I have been cleared but it is a little bitter sweet with my friend dying of cancer although a different and more aggressive type.

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