quite good end of round

Maybe not my most successful rounds as regards to writing. However it hasn’t been an unmitigated disaster, quite a bit has been accomplished.  I’ll begin with what didn’t get done – get the bad news out of way first:)

Not Done

Finish the 2 trailers I have been working on.  NO

Find cover and title for memoirs NO

Finish WIP Ancestor’s Tale.NO

Networking poor (due to circumstances)

What I did manage was

Bring new reworked WIP (now named The Children’s Tale) from 30,000 to 90,000, probably about another 30,000 to go

Begin editing the same – all written has had the first sweep of checking done

Dividing and began posting The Storytellier’s Tale in weekly parts

Blogging is slowly improving.

Caught up on reading – all challenges going well and begun reviewing some of them.

Research for all three WIP

Have decided to give NaNo a miss or maybe be a rebel:)

Have done so much better on the home front and begun to rectify a year’s neglect in house and garden.

And best of all have managed to improve energy levels and health.

Next round I am hoping to do much more writing – fingers crossed.

I hope every one was satisfied and hope to see you all next round:)


4 thoughts on “quite good end of round

  1. Tia Bach says:

    Lots of accomplishments. Congrats on a productive Round. It’s hard to believe it’s over. These last few months flew by. And like Morgan said, health and energy are the most important. Healthy hugs to you! See you in Round 4.

    • alberta says:

      I also think this round has flown by – I hope the rest of the year doesn’t travel so fast – can’t belive we are half way through September already – not good:( still I do like the autumn so won’t complain too loudly:) see you next month

  2. morganmandel says:

    The most important things you’ve accomplished are getting your health and energy levels better. Without that, the rest doesn’t matter.

    • alberta says:

      It’s the best:) When I feel tired I just think of what I’ve done that day and compare it to 6 months ago:) it might never return to 100% but already I’m feeling optomistic. I am training myself not to write silly hours and to go away from machine and chill – it’s how I’ve managed to read so many books – which is a def. bonus:)

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