Here we be, back again:) Round 4 goals


Did everyone enjoy the holidays? I hope so. Come back refreshed? Jolly good:)

I had a strangely mixed break. I attended the funeral of friend from forever/editor’s partner, in London. A journey which needed much planning, someone to sleep in while I slept in London, friends to visit every day to check all was well with my sister. Everything slotted into place well all I had to do was summon up enough energy for the trip. It was great to be back on a train – I had forgotten how much I enjoyed train travel. Even the strange way of booking tickets was interesting. It has been 12 years since I have been on one.

The service was beautiful. In retrospect it has made me look to update my plans for my funeral when it comes -Life has to have goals as well! I posted a bit about that, it’s not so gruesome truly:)

It was also great meeting up with folk I hadn’t seen for decades and putting faces to those I had never met. It has been a long while since I lived or visited there.However it taxed my low energy levels over much, although I thought I had managed it, body and mind came to standstill as I reached the home station. Barely made to my friend’s car and home.I haven’t felt so exhausted for a long time. Slept for a day then developed a cold.I’m bad with colds, always have been since a child, and they always go to my chest but even by those standards, this was a humdinger, maybe I have no immunity to bugs from down south, then my sister caught it, she’s good with colds, throwing them off in 24 hours – not this time she still has it and now she is coughing as well, ah well.

However, in between coughing and sneezing I have achieved much, cleaning up my web site, neglected now for over a year. I have established a small blog on the web site – I hadn’t figured how to do it before – duh :( only concerned with the writing/ publishing of my books. There has been a change of colour scheme across all my blogs to match as close as possible to the web site – linked all blogs to said web site and used website as the ‘home’ page – so one can go back and forth. I am working on making links easier and the addresses for past posts simpler.

Having workshop lessons on search engines and the like which I struggle with understanding:( – getting there, getting there! Still bits to go – haven’t for instance got a share button on website yet, cannot find one I like the look off. Have not yet linked it to Network Blogs yet but have linked it to Triberr. It is like moving house, so many fiddly details to think of. If anyone feels like visiting the website and pointing out what else is missing I would be very grateful.

I joined a closed group on memoir writing and each week post – on a private blog the subject for the week, so created a small new blog for that purpose!.

I have also had two guests on the Red Carpet, scroll back over the last two posts to read.

So goals for this round ( cannot believe it is the end round)

As this year has been a trifle topsy turvy as far as my writing life goes I am not posting much in the way of specifics just a general wish list:)

Generally Goals for this round

Finish The Children’s Tale

Edit the Children’s Tale (or some of it anyway.)

Simple really:)

Nano – maybe, depending on above. May have to be rebel this year and finish above or last year’s effort:)

Continue with autobiography/family history/memoir – these are not for public but family so no deadlines. Just want them finished.

Blogs: Keep them going as reg as possible

Networking: Keep on top as much as possible

Workshops: Try and catch up and keep on top.

Others: FINISH the two trailers been working on since the bronze age!

Reading: Finish challenges in blaze of glory and keep up with reviews.

In my personal life I am still de-cluttering and am seeing results now so will continue through the winter with this.

Have begun craft work again, some embroidery, planning journal cover and working out the next art doll.

Am re-planning garden for more ease next year, vegetables moving to containers and wild/herb/cottage garden plants into old veg beds. Lots of wildlife:)

Hope everyones goals come to fruition this round but even if they don’t, everyone – enjoy your writing.

6 thoughts on “Here we be, back again:) Round 4 goals

  1. Love the new color scheme, very easy on the eye. I’ll hope over to the website when I have an extra moment. The gardening sounds fantastic and the ROW goals very straightforward. Wishing you much success with both.

    • alberta says:

      me too re the colour:) have even found a desktop pic the same shades – bathed in relaxing blue throughout – Looking foward to the creation of new garden – love the way gardens can evolve to suit life:)

  2. Shah Wharton says:

    I love how simple your goals are, then I look at your WIPS list on your sidebar and grimace, just thinking about how much you’re working on! Efficiency scares me. :)

    • alberta says:

      They were all started last year and as you know my ‘best laid plans’ and all that jazz! this year hasn’t been a lot better – so goals are down to basics – finish one then finish another and then. . . .don’t be scared:)

  3. John Holton says:

    I won’t tell if you work on an existing project next month… :)

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