Slow but sure, alberta will win. One day!


This last week has been slow, however through the sneezing, coughing, of my diminishing cold I have been continuing to bring some order into my chaotic life:)  and preparing for the last couple of months of the year.

Have been writing lots of blogs to have as spares,

Sorting out time-lines and characters for each book in WIP status.

Am still tweaking web and blog sites, slow but sure, hopefully.

Spring cleaning emails and clearing unwanted cookies. Determined to keep the new machine as light as possible.

Have decided after some thought that I will definitely do Nano next month, but as a rebel – I like the idea of being a rebel, always was in life. The buzz and discipline of Nano suit me and I am planning to use it as a final push to get The Children’s Tale into FINISH.

(Of course it might be there by start of Nano – not likely! If so then Blue Moon needs finishing as well! Have introduced myself to the rebels and am smiling in anticipation.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I had in the past, as a result of the Living History group that I have run over 7 years, accumulated a whole book full of personal life memories (autobiography) which I have knocked into book format, I have also over the past year collected together blogs reflecting parts of me (memoirs)also readyish to be Lulu’ed. So I have been asked why I have joined a group which is writing memories from weekly prompts. My answer is one has a full life and memory is fallible when dealing with so many incidents.

My group, here on earth, runs monthly and at the beginning we had wide prompts such as primary education or holidays. The weekly prompts up here in cyberspace are smaller – 20 lines on who you are or ones physical appearance. All of interest to those in the future.

I am holding off actually creating the books until I have done more of these, as I can see a way of slotting them in and relieving the narrative. So will continue with this group with another smile.

Last couple of months of reading year, I will easily finish the Goodreads challenge of 100 books – I must check the individual challenges to check I am reading the right books and use the remaining time to read the necessary. As always the pile I assembled in January hardly looks diminished – I cannot resist a new book/author.

My sister was asked to knit a king-sized blanket for friend from forever/editor’s niece. My job when my sister knits anything, is to sew the parts together – this project is like climbing a mountain, 25 large squares in multi-colours and mile long borders. I finished sewing all squares together, in the right pattern order, last night, now weighs a ton, will have today off before attempting the borders – still, keeps me warm in the chilly abode:)

Have decided it is time I rediscovered the kitchen – cooking and experimenting with food has been a passion of mine for decades – has taken a bit of a back seat this last few years what with caring for my mother and then my own illness’s. Have managed to feed us, with all stalwarts of the repertoire, but experimentation has taken a rest. So am fired up to try two new recipes or variations a week.At the moment will only be able to be small as I still cannot stand for long periods but I improve and soon I will be out there for hours.

Next couple of weeks goals

Writing: If I can manage 2,000 words a day The Children’s Tale could be finished before Nano.

Blogs: Continue getting spares in place for Nano time

Networking: Continue – not been doing too badly of late

Workshops: Continue

Others: Continue organizing, keep tinkering with trailers and covers.

For me: Finish the blanket and begin new art dolls. Keep planning journal covers, cannot decide between embroidery or something woven – decisions, decisions! (need to see what’s in the stash! Continue new recipes.

                                                                                                                                                                                           So two week goals, is that allowed? – I will report back next week honest:) I hope everyone is doing well and all the best for coming week

17 thoughts on “Slow but sure, alberta will win. One day!

  1. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Alberta, I just wanted you to know that as part of my cutting back on social media and work time (which is doing me the world of good) I have also chopped Facebook off at the neck. So if you don’t see me on your friends list, the cut back is the only reason why. You know where to find me… Everyone was lost in timeline and so much stuff. I was drowning in it. No personal updates were ever left anyway.

    Take very, very good care of yourself. I’ll be around… :-) Just not as much. I’m going for healthy life balance.

  2. Beth Camp says:

    How I enjoyed your chatty catch-up post today and am glad to hear your heath is returning. Nothing is more daunting than to have goals and to not have the stamina to achieve them! I also appreciated your comments re Nanowrimo as I’ve never achieved much over 20,000 in a month, but I’ve been happy to participate because writing that much kick-started several projects. So maybe I should join your rebel group . . . just not sure yet. May the words flow for you, Alberta!

    • alberta says:

      come and join us rebels:) – cold is gone to intents and purposes if the rest would vanish I would be a happy bunny indeed:) had a third colour added to my hair to cheer myself under the grey wet skies enveloping us at the moment – whatever you do in Nov happy writing:)

  3. Leslie R. says:

    Whoa! I clearly haven’t visited your blog for awhile – it looks all different! Looks good though. :)

    I am doing NaNo as a rebel this year, too. Writing short stories, and hoping that I end up with at least one I like enough to polish and maybe submit somewhere. We’ll see. I think I added you as a buddy already, but if not, you can find me over there as Gypsyharper.

    The memory prompt group sounds like fun! I’d collected a bunch of one-line memories for an acting class I took that I’ve been meaning to use as prompts – then I’ll have them as fodder for novels, or genealogy or whatever.

    Take care!

    • alberta says:

      thanks:) I like it too – different from my usual bright colours! I had ot realized how many rebels there were up here in cyberspace – I shall be in good company – all the best with those short stories.

      I like prompts – opens up new ideas and possibilities and as they are not one’s own thoughts gives new perspectives and challenges – I have a couple of writing prompt books but also ordered a memoir prompt book that was recommended on our group – hasn’t arrived yet – looking foward to seeing what comes up.

      • Leslie R. says:

        I’ve been building my collection of prompt books – they are a great help on those days when I can’t seem to get started. Would you share the title of the memoir prompt book? I’d love to check it out.

      • alberta says:

        HI- the is ‘365 journal writing ideas’ by Rossi Fox – includs prompts on memories,self reflection, ideas, inspiration, creativity,experinces, acheivemnts gratitude, short stories, goals, photos

        have fun

  4. Eden says:

    Being a NaNoWriMo Rebel is the only way to go (at least in my opinion), Alberta. One only need look at the average word count of most decent novels… many of which seem to average over 100K. Even in the heyday of the dime novel, I think 60K was more standard than 50K…

    So yeah, YAY Rebels!

    Good to know there is a blooming rebel community… and that participation in it isn’t dimming your desires to get more involved in cooking and reading and all those other joys that make you days.

    • alberta says:

      another friendly rebel:) we are def. blooming – must say wouldn’t like to try for more than 50000 in a month and still fit life in! but I agree 50000 is more a novella or short story collection length I think most people have to write more afterwards. Never really knew what a dime novel was except of course they prob. cost a dime – like our penny dreadfuls I imagine:)

      • Eden says:

        Penny dreadfuls… h’s a new term for me too, though I imagine you’re right that they are the same. Or maybe not… A lot of what is now considered Classic Science Fiction was originally sold as dime novel material.

        And yeah, 50K is about right for a month. I’ve done more (even pulled in 116K once for a JuNoWriMo), but it depleted me totally for several months afterward. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I like the idea of being able to make writing a consistent practice as opposed to anything else.

      • alberta says:

        I have done long sessions in the past but it does exhaust and of course nowadays I have to be careful not to exhaust myself – I like to write every day and split up into small chunks can, on some days, write a fair bit esp. if I use my dragon, but have ruthlessly cut out swathes of writing time so I can balance my life better.

  5. John Holton says:

    Breaking the round into weekly goals is something I’ve seen people doing a lot lately. So I guess it’s permitted. How are you making the blanket?

    • alberta says:

      My sister is the one who has made it – when her sight finally went we worked out patterns and projects she could still do with her knitting – jackets, blankets, cardigans, sweaters even a dressing gown or two. Sometimes she needs help sorting a dropped stitch or the like and I help but I am only a very basic knitter myself:( so she knits the peices and I sew them up for her. She works in blocks – square or oblong. Very warm blankets trouble is there is a constant tug of war going on between the cats and us – they think they have first claim:)

  6. Good luck with your many projects! I’m doing NaNo as a rebel, too – see you there!

  7. Hi Alberta! I love your varied posts — you have so much going on! Best of luck finishing The Children’s Tale, whether it happens before or during NaNo. Happy writing!

    • alberta says:

      Thanks:) I will finish it next month I am sure (have I just raised a sleepy malicious head on mount Olympus?:( – take it back!! writing mojo back

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