alberta’s less than great check in:)


A day late again – never had so much trouble being on time – I feel like the poor old white rabbit:) I’ll make this short and quick (ish!)

Last week was filled with check ups – dog and myself, craft and reading groups, and wild stormy wet weather. The dog has finally lost all the weight we were trying to get off her, it went on during the beginning of the year when my sister still hadn’t learnt all her walks and the weather was too hazardous for her to go out on reg basis – dog is a Labrador and a very small one. My sister is now walking the dog a couple of hours a day and the dog looks fantastic – sleek and lean with a gloss that dazzles. Yay.

I have come off my happy pills with a great leap of faith and every finger crossed. It is too soon to tell if it will help but I already feel relieved I have done this – whether or not the pain returns (it had gone as an unexpected side effect of the happy pills) remains to be seen, if it does I’ll have another think.

Friday was the start of Nano and so far have managed daily word count, I can’t say tis fabulous writing but I am writing. In case the muse had gone to the poles for a holiday I signed up for the NaNonFiWrMo or as it’s called WNFIN as a chance to lick autobiography of childhood and blog memoir into shape and structure and to write missing links and scenes.

So this last week

Nano: Yes


Networking: Yes ( I have also spent a fair amount of time updating Goodreads account and joining in my groups up there)

Workshops: Yes

Blogs: No (drafted only)

Reading: Yes

Others: house Yes – garden a bit weather not good – two small felted dolls for felted flower yes – just received some clay to try making doll’s faces -whole stack of mending ugh:( finished sewing up two cardigans my sister had knitted.

Next week






And others: Need to add more exercise – been bit lazy on that:(

I hope everyone has had a good week and all the best for coming one:)

4 thoughts on “alberta’s less than great check in:)

  1. I see a lot of “Yes” up there, Alberta. Good job!

  2. morganmandel says:

    I have to do more on Goodreads one of these days. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet!

    • alberta says:

      I hadn’t ever sat down and really got to grips with it – its a bit like facebook and twitter only with readers mainly – whole stack of stuff on books and reading – tis quite fun – time consuming of course – I also realised I was way behind on rating books I have read:( still I have made a start:)

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