if you beleive in happy ever afters clap your hands


Not been checking in regularly many apologies – been a bit busy here down on earth.

Had a friend and her friend to stay for a weekend ( they both wanted time out from children – and they managed to organize partners to babysit and came up for some bracing air, brr.

Three hours after they left my friend from forever/editor arrived for a weeks stay. I think that went well, she had many days when she could happily yomp across the fen-lands, binoculars and camera at the ready, bird watching , with no time restraints – she slept better and seemed more relaxed than I had seen her for a long time. I don’t do yomping over fen-lands:( nor am I keen on the winter winds – never have been but now I can hang the blame on my health – don’t look so feeble then – yay!!:)

We also had our 60th anniversary of being ‘bestest friends’ – it is still our greatest puzzle in life as to how we even made friends in the first place let alone remained so – there is no explaining the chemistry sometimes.

She even joined me to watch Doctor Who – she doesn’t like Dr Who! Whereas I have been a fan since the first episode 50years ago! It is a programme which just keeps getting better.

My muse is frolicking around quite happily now the happy pills are out of my system, however, and there is always an however isn’t there? pain is also wishing to join in the skylarking. So back to drawing board -productive muse or pain free days? Back to the doctors to see if any alternative. Now’s the time to believe in faeries methinks. So paraphrasing Peter Pan ‘If there’s anyone out there who believes in happy ever afters clap your hands, please’, and maybe there’ll be somewhere else for me apart from between a rock and a hard place time.

I have felt quite tired this week, and now have four days of being sociable, one day workshop, half day book group and another two days workshop – not writing this time but craft work. Not sure exactly what – but one day is to do with book covers and the other two are something appliqued – no ones telling – ah well it’ll be fun whatever.


Writing: Managed to write my 50000 for Nano with week to spare, must get it validated now, also managed to finish memoir/autobiography(childhood) for non fiction /memoir November, with five days to go. Hoping to begin fashioning some crafty journals this festivities time, for smaller bits of auto and pics. Once I sort a cover for memoirs, can meld it to the hand made journal in some way.

Reading: Got tempted into looking forward to 2014 book reading challenges – I know – I know – haven’t finished this year’s yet! Found some interesting ones which I will sign up too later, but cannot find one for foreign books, was hoping to read around the world next year, will keep on looking if not, will have to challenge myself:)

Blogs: Have written six drafts for the various blog sites and posted three

Small rant on the misuse(in my opinion) of the English Language

Another installment of The Storyteller’s Tale

Review of A Change in Altitude

Am still way behind on reviews for challenges – I am only writing a representative selection but still, must do better.

Networking: – yes just about, snatched moments when visitors are out.

Workshops: one of these is having us make sure we are joined to everything and so have begun a pintrest account – must say not at all sure why I need another time wasting occupation, still some of the pictures are lovely.

Not much else really – still having a few problems with new computer looking forward to couple weeks off at end of year to finally get there with machine.

Hope all is doing well for everyone else, all the best:)

11 thoughts on “if you beleive in happy ever afters clap your hands

  1. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Big hugs to you Alberta. May your computer woes ease.

    • alberta says:

      I think it’s just that I need time to play with it – find where programmes are – how to access them – sooo frustrating to have to search all the time – but with luck end of year , a couple of weeks to play:)

      thanks for hugs:)

  2. Eden says:

    ♥ from another Dr. Who fan. I almost envy you, Alberta, that you had the chance to watch some of the original episodes with Hartnell and Troughton… I have collected those I could (here in the US it was even harder to find them, since they were often in poor shape when the tapes made it to our public broadcasting stations). And I read all the episode novelizations….

    So glad you were able to spend that kind of personal joy with your Best Friend from Forever. And 60 years together! That is beautiful… glad she was able to find some peace and joy in your home, especially since I know she’s had some rocky times recently too,

    Much love to her, and to you as well.

    • alberta says:

      I was fully grown when the early ones came out – watched them with the children I was looking after at the time – should have walked away then! full of wobbly scenery but was hooked – over the moon when they came back bigger and better and more fantastic by the year – happy old lady:)

      friend from forever and I still don’t believe it – but some things just cannot be explained:)

      • Eden says:

        Wobbly scenery doesn’t matter when the story is good. Though I kind of miss those old “wobbly scenery stories”. The brutal realism of the newer show doesn’t allow my head to make up as many follow-up pieces…

        Not only can some things not be explained, but some shouldn’t… in my opinion, of course. To me, explaining them depletes some of their magic.

      • alberta says:

        I approve of anyone who doesn’t mind the wobbly bits – perfection is nice but the wobbly, is as you say, more grist to the imagination:)

  3. Congrats on finishing Nano! That’s a huge accomplishment.

    Crossing my fingers for you that you’ll figure out the pain / creativity issue soon!

    • alberta says:

      going to have chat with doctor – he’s a good guy – takes me seriously when I witter on about losing the alternate worlds in my head! hasn’t had me sectioned yet:) thanks for the fingers.

  4. Kathy says:

    Congratulations on winning Nano this year! Also on Dr. Who making it to 50 years. I’ve never been a big fan — mainly due to lack of exposure — but the episodes I’ve seen I’ve enjoyed. Paradise Towers was, I think, the first full episode I’ve ever seen.

    • alberta says:

      thanks – I was all grown up when Dr Who began so had no excuse to get hooked – the children I was looking after would watch it through the crack in the doorway and then kill the monsters in their bath – miss the bath and there were nightmares:( – despite the wobbly scenery I couldn’t resist.

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