Try the new, be brain alive


Well, exhausting but fun/interesting week. Decided I would , as Nano was in the bag and memoir challenge done I would take this last week off from writing. I had three days of craft so instead of writing I filled in the gaps between workshops with crochet hook , scraps of yarn and created two crocheted dolls – well they are sort of human shape, multicolored creatures with no faces!!! Will put faces on this week – I challenge myself occasionally to crochet a shape without a pattern, just increasing and decreasing as I feel fit. The shape has to be fillable and while it may not stand tall (esp. If possessed of two thin legs) must be recognizable. This last week it was little people I was attempting – success there.

The workshops were interesting, one day on book covers and the other two days on fractured patchwork design – the book covers I will do again but, although I enjoyed the days, I didn’t really take to the patchwork – I still prefer crazy patchwork – but I tried this new way – and trying the new is the important part of being brain alive.

In between times I have been struggling to make sense of my 2013 reading challenges, not having kept precise lists and being behind on reviews am, as usual, wasting far too much time listing them. I am two away from finishing Goodreads 120 books – so that list has helped. It is dividing them into the different genres which takes the time. Almost there.

Of course this wouldn’t have taken so long if I hadn’t distracted myself with looking through the 2014 reading challenges. I have found some really interesting ones and a couple of fun ones. Trouble is if I add these to the ones I did this year the number of challenges becomes tremendously huge:(

Choices maybe?

I dunno!

But. . .

Doesn’t pre printing press reading challenge sound good


Books in translation reading challenge

And there’ a

Meet the protagonists reading challenge

Just to name three, of course there are overlaps with my favorites and the grand total, even if I did them all, would still only be about 100, so if I really organize myself (list wise), reduce the size of the badges (for side bar), I could maybe squeeze them all in:)

ROW80: This week I will get back to work:)

Writing/Editing: this will mainly be editing. With TheChildren’s Tale now running at the right number of words ‘tis is where I will be putting my energies for the rest of the year.

Not a lot of editing required for memoir and autobiography as most had been done ‘tis only what has been added in November.

Blogs: I have to polish some drafts and post, and do some catch up on reviews. If I have time will draft some more as I would like to take some time off at the end of year so will need some reserves.

Networking: put bit more effort into daily rather than every other day.

Reading: although have reached Goodreads total I still have a few I want to read this year.

Workshops: seems to be coming to end for this year so will begin to read through the notes. Must finish the homework for the audio book one little behind on that.

All the best to everyone this week:)


6 thoughts on “Try the new, be brain alive

  1. My dear, from all our courses at Savvy, I have MUCH TO READ.

    I hope your December is filled with joy and plenty of words!



  2. Kathy says:

    The pre-printing press reading challenge sounds like it could be a lot of fun. And I’d love to see pictures of your dolls, they sound adorable.

    • alberta says:

      Def going to do the pre printing press one – have some lined up – from Sumerian through to early English – wake my brain up and discover with’writer’s hat’ on rather than school girl one – what made the early story tellers tick – should be fun.

      not sure you would think the dolls are adorable:) the last two I have made are going to join others ‘those with no faces’ – some find no faces un-nerving but they seem to appeal to me – think a shrink could have fun with that:) will post pics when they are finished – I’ll line them up.

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