edits,dolls and all the rest: alberta’s check in

ROW80LogocopyAnother week flying past so fast ‘twas a blur only:) we have weathered storm and flood – well neither actually touched me – live far enough from the sea to be dry shod. Lucky me, not so lucky others nearer the coast.

Christmas lunches, teas and dinners, crowd in so fitting work around will become more difficult in next couple of weeks, but hey once a year, yes? The other day the embroidery group I belong to had their lunch,we always have a workshop around it so ‘tis a day out. This year we could take anything we wished to work on although many were making beaded Christmas tree decorations. I am someone who doesn’t do Christmas therefore have no tree to hang decorations up on, I decided to keep going with another faceless doll (maybe will have eyes) So three small faceless ones and one tall, maybe eyed – still have to shoe her, good week for craft.

Have ordered a felting machine which I’ll have hopefully in time for fun-playtime at Christmas.

(Didn’t get this up because new computer decided it was doing a go-slow:( needed a new charger which I now have.

Have embarked on a whole round of tests and x-rays to see if health can be sorted – downside is cannot take the pain killers until the weekend – and so am disinclined to do anything except feel sorry for myself:) Well younger cat likes that means she can curl up with me and I don’t keep going off to do something.(she’s there now trying to work out what she did to deserve this wonderful treat so that she can repeat action another time!)

For those who are interested have posted some pics of the faceless ones, they are not so good and photos ditto but you can get the idea!

blue crocheted1 little blue one close up red and green tall salsa 4


Writing/editing: Yup all The Children’s Tale, Memoirs and Autobiography have gone through autocrit. Am in process of getting rid of unnecessary and repeated words – a few more days and all will be ready for Editor – that will take much much longer. Reckon that will take me through to next year, as it is a sentence by sentence program.

I am concentrating on Memoir and Autobiography for moment as The Children’s Tale needs time now to sit and not be looked at for a few weeks at least.

Another installment of The Storyteller’s Tale is up.

Blogs: Have drafted all reviews I am writing this year.Drafted three for kissafrog. Have posted review on an urban fantasy and a post on dolls

Have worked out what my theme is going to be for A-Z next April!:)even have written plan and list- what about this year?

Workshops: all finished for the year.

Networking: yup

Reading: Am all read out this week:( However have sorted books I want to read next year. Have ordered a few more:( do I need any more? No. Have even worked out goals for 2014 both for ROW80 and for Reading challenges, how sad is that?.

Others: cleared a few folders in my In box on Yahoo, at last. Not much else really.

I hope everyone is doing well and not too worn out with trying to organize festivities and family and writing:) keep smiling

7 thoughts on “edits,dolls and all the rest: alberta’s check in

  1. Anne Lange says:

    You’ve been busy! The dolls are cute. All the best for the holidays!

  2. Widdershins says:

    Cats are in cahoots … globally!

  3. John Holton says:

    Ermahgerd… the A to Z Challenge… I have to come up with a theme. Have a great holiday.

  4. Your dolls are adorable! And wow, have you been kicking it with the writing! Keep up the good work, stay warm and dry, and hope your health issues get some help.

    • alberta says:

      Thanks for the compliment – they are a hand mover – cannot just sit and do nothing so I indulge when watching TV – which isn’t often normally but just recently been one or two good programmes on. I’m pleased with how the editing and blog drafting is going at moment only some blood tears to go then I guess with Christmas slowing everything down it’ll be the New Year before all the results are in so hoping for good start to 2014:) all the best

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