Alberta’s round up


Well now is this my last post or will I manage to remember on Boxing Day to visit the keyboard – I think not. So will do a quick round up today.

The year hasn’t quite finished yet so am hopeful a couple of points may be ticked off still before New Year. So far though although the year has been full of LIFE I am happy enough with my progress.

2013 Goals

The main goals for the year was to finish WIP which at the beginning of the year was The Ancestor’s Tale and had to be taken apart, re-worked during the summer and is now The Children’s Tale. Without the disaster of re-jigging I think it would be a finished manuscript by now – however, it is in the editing stage – I managed to catch up with it by being a rebel NaNo this year:)

Another work I wished to complete this year was the Memoir and childhood autobiography – not for publication but for posterity to sit alongside the Family History I have discovered over the years. Although not published yet is also in the editing stage. So not too far of tricking these off the list.

I have taken many workshops this year and learnt a great deal, I do like a good workshop.

Managed to keep up fairly well with my blogs. Have also re-jigged the sites so that they blend more with each other and connect more smoothly. Always there is work to do with them.

Ellen’s Tale and The Storyteller’s Tale have been serialized this year and available to read on my blog. There is one more part to go for The Storyteller’s Tale – will be out at the end of the year.

Have completed my reading challenges – the blogs for them though, go up at the end of the year.

Have failed though on the book trailers I was planning to put up. That’s not to say they may not get up by the end of the year, they are so close to launch there is a possibility.

So not a bad year for writing.

Health-wise I am improving, oh, oh, so slowly but I can now do a six hour stretch of work and movement before needing to rest and at the beginning of the year it was only about two hours. Progress:) Seemed to have the black dog under some kind of control, had to go back on happy pills for the pain relief but we are trying a lower dose and a different pill and we wait, the doctor and I, to see if my imagination vanishes again. Fingers crossed. Am awaiting results of various tests that have been done at the hospital but unlikely to hear before Christmas.


Writing: Editing going well

Blogs: The Storyteller’s Tale part 12,( although Blogger will not place my book cover centre! Blogger and I will soon have to part company I think:( a piece on world building or lack of! A couple of memories of Father Christmas and a review  on Ben Aaronovitch

Networking: Yes

Reading: None- all read out! However challenges met, and I have had a wonderful time sorting books for next year’s challenges:)

Considering I have eating and drinking my way through this week with various lunches, dinners and teas for the festivities – not a bad week. Well pleased.

4 thoughts on “Alberta’s round up

  1. shanjeniah says:

    That adds up to quite a bit of living and writing. Kudos to you for persevering when things weren’t at their best, and for gentleness with yourself when you needed that.

    May you continue to grow stronger and keep your lovely spirit! =D

    • alberta says:

      I start the year with optimism – esp as this morning the sun is shining – haven’t too many days in UK lately with sun – been a very wet Christmas time!! working on doable goals for this year- thanks for the comments – looking forward to getting together with the ROWers again this round:)

  2. Sounds like you’ve accomplished some good stuff. Great to see you again.

    • alberta says:

      More than I thought during the year – when one stops and looks up it’s amazing what has been done – how are you getting on theses days:)

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