A late check in from alberta:(

ROW80LogocopyThis is not good – a day late on my first check in:( head hung in shame – truth be told, I kind of forgot what day it was. It’s becoming a common fault as my days lose their structure – ‘tis just as well I’m climbing back on the swing of things again – too long a break!

This first week occurred on one of my reading weeks, so very little writing stuff done this week. I have reading weeks when my social engagements take up too much of the week, or their are trips to the hairdressers,dentist, doctors or clinic I decided last year that rather than duck out of social life I would not try and beat my self inflicted deadlines on writing but relax and enjoy myself,(I cannot yet socialize and still have the energy to write the same day).

It works well, I sit and read, fiddle and tweak my way through files, networks etc., maybe draft some blogs. It was this regime that allowed me to read 122 books for the Goodreads challenge last year.

This week

I have finished four books (I like more than one on the go at the time)

Heaven and Hell by Jon Kalman Stefansson for my books in translation challenge

Of Mists and Bees by Erick Setiawan for chunky challenge

Started Early Took my Dog by Kate Atkinson a re-read for book group but also for chunky challenge

Wendy Wont Go by Amanda M Lyons (a novella which I received for review).

I also read for review Jo Linsdell’s book on arranging Virtual Book Tours. Jo will be on the Red Carpet later this week with the book. It is excellent.

Blogs: Have drafted introductory posts for the reading challenges. I had thought I had settled on – too many – but then the other night I found a few more! For goodness sake:)

I posted a book review and a post on my dancing life – not a graceful story:(and drafted six more for Sefuty, kiss a frog and alberta reads for the future weeks.

Networking: Still exploring Goodreads, have decided to go there, facebook, twitter each day as well as post the triberr tweets. And leave the other sites too once or maybe twice a week.

Next Week(actually it is this week now)

Is a writing week so will be editing The Children’s Tale – I intend to aim for three hours minimum at least 5 days. I hope by the end of the week I will have pages printed out – as I can edit better on the page. This week I am just removing obvious repeated words and checking spelling.

As I mentioned before I will be hosting Jo Linsdell’s book on the Red Carpet on Thursday.

Continuing with getting a store of blogs drafted, I would hope to begin the A-Z ones next week – fingers crossed.

Others: Am still collected images for Jack’s Tale book trailer also must start planning for a trailer of the Patchwork of Perspectives short stories.

Reading: have just started Attention all Shipping by Charlie Connelly andRough Music by Patrick Gale

I hope everyone has had a good start to the round:)

7 thoughts on “A late check in from alberta:(

  1. Beth Camp says:

    Wonderful review, Alberta, on Jo Lindell’s how-to-do an online book tour. But I wanted to check in on your ROW80 goals, so wound up here too. Maybe our mantra can be: Be kind to ourselves. The realistic and flexible schedule you describe is ideal for being true to your writing and your self. May you have a very good week.

    • alberta says:

      More and more as I age disgracefully I am considering that mantra – it was never encouraged when I was growing up – back then it was get on with it – hard work never killed anyone etc – now I consider be kind to oneself just as important:) thanks for your good wishes hope your round goes well:)

  2. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Alberta, like you, I am having hassles working out where I am up to as well! I have been off work for too long. I am thinking about putting my to-do list as an image on my computer desktop I am so scattered!

    Thanks for stopping by my ROW80 update post. It is lovely to be back. I love your attitude about not stressing over things and taking it easy… darn it, I am going to join you in that.

    Girl power!

    • alberta says:

      Girl power indeed or in this old lady power – and never under estimate that:) one loses the plot if away from it too long – you’ll get back into the swing – it’s an idea tho’ an image on the desktop – constant reminder each time one switches on – um must have a thought or two about that – all the best – take care:)

      • Cate Russell-Cole says:

        As one of my students (90 years old, no less and proud of it) used to say, “I’m no fluffy chicken but…” You’ve still got it. I am having hassles getting my brain into gear in a heat and painkiller haze. I’ll get there. :-)

  3. Hello Alberta! I enjoyed reading what you are up to this week and how you know your limits and schedule each week accordingly. By the way, I am late too. I decided just today to hop back into Row80 because I desperately need some accountability and support to get my projects done. Nice to see you again, so to speak!

    • alberta says:

      welcome back – I find ROW80 is needed more as my life gets more complicated!:) ah where are those days when life was simple and easy – what? they never exsisted:) all best with projects

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