lullabyes,weather and sunshine:alberta’s happy feet


The sun has been shining most of the week, which is a great big YES! And a little jig of happy feet – I do like sunshine and blue skies. Have even managed to get into the garden a few times. Mostly just tidy ups. Bit of clipping here, bit of pruning there, a lotta daydreaming everywhere:)

Have only read one book this week on our (British) shipping forecast – really enjoyed it. Maybe it is only landlocked Brits of a certain age, sailors and fishermen can rave over a shipping forecast – or do other countries have this love affair. I grew up to the poetic, hypnotic and exotic sounding forecast, changing little over the years. When I wandered away from these shores I missed it and whenever I returned I fell in love all over again. As a child it would be the forecast during the day, when I was grown the 00.40am one, with the sleep inducing melody of Sailing By preceding it.

I remember wondering where all these strange foreign sounding names were. Now I know, the book has explained my lullaby to me with humour and the same degree of love I and thousands others have for it. Been a very good week for reading. I will be posting on, kiss a frog, later on this British institution.

It has been a writing week and reasonable successful except I lost a whole day by crashing. The trouble with feeling well, when one isn’t, is that one tends to overdo stuff:) Thursday, I slept the day away, emerging for short periods of an hour at odd intervals. S’okay – it happens- and with some thought I can console myself with the fact I had completed 13 days straight of normal hours ie 8am- midnightish with only an hour’s lie down each day. Six months ago I was lucky if I could manage 2 days. November even probably only 4 or 5. It’s a matter of perspective and judging against former self. I’m good with last week.

ROW80 this week

Writing: Yes. This was all about editing The Children’s Tale. My aim was to complete 5 days of 3hrs and hopefully be at the stage of printing draft copy to edit again. I managed 12 hours (missed Thursday) but had got to stage when it could be printed. It is already for next week and a red pencil. So, happy with that.

Blogging: I didn’t manage to post anything this week, but have them ready for next. I did a book shout on the Red Carpet though, for Jo Linsdell’s book on how to organize a virtual book tour yourself. I know it is a subject many shy away from. I read the book for review and was impressed with the clarity and the generosity of the writing.

Networking: Yes. I did pretty well on this except for the weekly ones, missed IAN1 and LinkedIn. Must do better next week.

Others: Yes. Have most of the pictures needed for The Children’s Tale and Jack’s Tale book trailers. The music for Jack’s Tale almost completed. Have decided on a new storyboard for both of them. Slightly different from the trailers I have done before – hope it works – fingers crossed.

Have also made a determined effort to complete The Sefuty Chronicle’s bible – I started one last year and then got bogged down. Have set it up on Scrivener and have begun to enter the characters, plot lines, incidents, etc.. Looking healthier now, must keep it up a little each week.

Reading: As above.

Workshops: I cannot resist them. Have joined a couple of Coursera workshops this month and a short Open Uni freebie as well, so must organize my time to fit them in.

Moi: Well, never my favorite, but I have made effort to exercise every day even if a little housework! Managed gardening a few times and have done a fair amount of slow walking. The house is benefiting – so far I’m not buttis early days yet.

Next Week

Writing: Continue editing The Children’s Tale

Blogging: post at least two for now and draft six for A-Z

Networking: Keep up and include the weekly ones

Others: Continue with storyboards and music for trailers. Continue with The Sefuty Chronicles bible

Reading: Not sure which I will read yet – so many goodies to choose from:)

Workshops: keep up – got too far behind last year. Must use some of my non writing time for this.

Good luck everyone with this coming week’s goals.

13 thoughts on “lullabyes,weather and sunshine:alberta’s happy feet

  1. faraway66 says:

    Thank you for the encouraging comment. I appreciate it. It sounds like you are doing well with your goals. I’m glad I found your blog.

    • alberta says:

      Hi there – welcome:) I admire your courage doing edits for another – not something I’d feel capable of doing- but thank goodness for all who will do:)

  2. denizb33 says:

    Love the idea of reading the shipping forecast. And so jealous of your sunshine! It’s -25 Celsius again today…

    • alberta says:

      Lost the sun today – foggy, foggy, day – band of cold air hit our warm – disaster – now the temps are sinking:( still it’s never – 25C – couldn’t live there :)

  3. mrschmoe says:

    I am still mulling over tale of the dark haired chick and her boyfriend. in another tale about some dude, the WIP about a group of creatures

    • alberta says:

      did you find them, okay? will they hit the silver screens:) do hope so- nice to know imagination and insanity reigns supreme amongst us writers:)

      • mrschmoe says:

        Yeah, I found them. They were squinting at me, in a mean way, as though I had entombed them for two thousand years.

        It would be nice if one of those tales hit the silver screen or a small screen. If you read Terry Goodkind books the sword of truth or seen short lived TV series adaptation. Think of those chicks in red leather, Now think of my female character without the leather.

  4. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Sorry, that is “As Time Goes By.” Dame Judi Dench plays the lead role.

  5. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    If you ever get the chance, watch “Time After Time,” a beautiful British series which features a house maid who always checks the shipping forecast. It is her thing, even though she never, ever goes to see. I hope it stays sunny. :-) Just keep taking things at a moderate pace.

  6. S.J. Maylee says:

    You got into your garden. Lucky Alberta! Mine is still covered in snow. I’m definitely looking forward to spring. My FIL enjoyed reading about the shipping forecasts before he past. He was also a Navy man. :) You had a really great week and I have given me something to aspire to. Thanks, Alberta. :)

    • alberta says:

      We haven’t had any snow this part of the country – well not yet anyway there is still Feb and March to go – and we can get some then.Our winter this year seems to be rain and storm force winds. I am def. not a sailor – get sea sick pushing a child on a swing:( but that shipping forecast lays a spell:)

  7. Erin Zarro says:

    Looking good! I’ve never tried to make a book trailer. It sounds really neat.

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