cats, holes and fights

Not much to say on a Wednesday, nothing much has happened in 2 days.

I had to take the cats for their regular check up this morning. Once a year I gather them up and torture them! Younger Cat likes to take over my place under the duvet when I rise and often stays there until midday – not this morning I scooped up her impossibly hot little body and pushed her into a cat basket – I say push because, like a cartoon cat, she will splay her legs to each side of the entrance and refuse to go in.

Older Cat likes to go in the garden early, but, in this cold, wet weather, she is ready to come in at 9.00am to eat – no food today straight into cat basket. They swore at me all the way to the vets (approx 3 mins by car!

Vets are expensive, I have to budget before this trip each year. Today, though Older Cat presented problems. Biopsies needed to be done and sent off to the lab. If they are negative, it will just be cost of tests(quite enough) if  positive (probably the cost of operation – fast turning into a second mortgage visit:( Luckily Younger Cat presented no problems. There is in fact only a month between them in age, but I have a fancy Older Cat is aging more swiftly than her companion. Maybe because she’s more of an outdoor cat.

Ah well. If one has a pet, this is something that can happen. They are my sanity so ‘spose I can’t begrudge them some money – I’ll go back to being inventive with vegetables until the bills are paid:)

I was going to prune, well, mostly cut down, a tree yesterday, but it was so icy cold with a freezing fog I called it off. Cold air and my heart and lungs are fierce enemies. Can’t negotiate any peace deal with them – they fight and I come out the looser. Where’s the fairness in that? Right Life is not fair – I do get it:) The only lesson I try and teach young children is that Life is not fair, if they can get their heads around that they can settle back and enjoy it.

I have done some editing, not as much as I would have wished because, on reading the whole, I have discovered some serious holes and have been outlining what to do. One of holes involved more actual fight scenes, what do I know about fights? Zilch. But LIFE is actually playing nice with me at the moment and I saw Rayne Hall’s book on Writing Fight Scenes. I downloaded and read – great book. It’s not about about the skill of fighting, but about how to write fight scenes.

Full of useful information, such as different types of weapons, use of them, who would be likely to have them. Weapons the common folk might have, differences in male/female reactions to the fighting. From sling shot to modern weapons, reality to fantasy with animals in between and so on and so forth. Will be by my side for a long time methinks – any of you floundering on this matter I recommend the book.

I also borrowed a couple of books on weapons and early history of warfare from village library (said Life was playing nice) ‘tis a small library and doesn’t always have much choice and there they were just as I needed them, they will supplement the ones I already have.

What I have managed is blogging. On my website where I am charting my progress from beginner to now. On Sefuty about the trials and tribulations of this WIP and the book reading challenges I’m stupidly signed up for:) Three blogs! Wow!

Am reading Rough Music by Patrick Gale this week – haven’t quite got into it yet.

Have begun making notes for A-Z from various reference books.

Making slow but steady progress on the Sefuty bible.

So not a bad couple of days

Until Sunday – more of the same, All the best everyone:)

19 thoughts on “cats, holes and fights

  1. Tui Snider says:

    I hope your kitty’s test comes back negative. I have one formerly-feral cat who adopted me. She required surgery for kidney stones and now eats special food and she sheds like a Wookie with mange… but I adore her, and I love it when she snoozes next to me while I write.

    I’ve been thinking about fight scenes lately, too. Not that I’m writing any, just that I often find them tedious! I don’t enjoy a fight scene just for the sake of a fight scene.

    I do, however, get into them when they are propelling the plot. I think Hollywood, especially, often overlooks this distinction, but it happens in books, too.

    The reason I was thinking about this is that I recently saw Enders Game at the theater. I was hesitant because the previews made it look like non-stop fight scenes. I figured I’d be mentally planning grocery lists in my head the whole time, but no – these fight scenes kept me mentally engaged. I was impressed!

    Thanks again for your popping by my blog and leaving such an interesting comment! :)

  2. morganmandel says:

    We’ve been hibernating a lot this horrible winter of alternating snow and cold, and sometimes both! I feel sorry for my dog, Rascal, because she’s not getting her daily walks, but gets thrown into the fenced yard to do her thing and come back in! I could use more exercise as well, but don’t want to break anything or freeze!

    Morgan Mandel

    • alberta says:

      can understand that re dogs – they want so much to go out – they forget I think we only have two legs and they have four – but having said that guide dogs advise against taking the dog out if it’s icy as even the dogs can slip and pull muscles – and what good are we if we break a leg.

      not done too badly this year over here in the east just wet and cold – others have had it much worse – so ‘spose I shouldn’t complain too much:)

  3. Eden says:

    Cats cost. I love them dearly, but cats cost. It’s a good thing that they are so much fun to be cozy and flumpy with. (Though mine always interfere with my pens and books.)

    Thanks for the book suggestion, Alberta. I have list of blog sites that give good info on fight scenes too (unfortunately on my other computer). I’ll try to remember to post it either here or on FB later.

    Good progress in all, even if the cold limited your options on the tree limb.

    • alberta says:

      Older Cat likes to lie on my arm while I’m trying to type and Younger Cat likes to sit next to the hot air vent next to the machine – certainly pens and notebooks are fair game to Younger Cat, as are my bits for doll making – ribbon – lovely:)

      • Eden says:

        Cats keep us on our toes. I have a notebook that I’m still hesitating to get rid of despite its having been log used up mostly because of the kitty damage. And the kitten that did it… :-( Somehow ,no matter how many cats we have, we always remember their quirks.

  4. mrschmoe says:

    Hi there, just dropping by. If you don’t already have it. I would recommend getting “the bibliophile’s dictionary by Myles Westley” Use it wisely friend :P

  5. Kathy says:

    I just finished a very good book called Violence: A Writer’s Guide by Rory Miller. It talks more about the psychology of violence and the reality of it. It’s a gritty book, that doesn’t suffer the cinematic portrayals of violence very much leeway but it’s very interesting and, I think, useful since it gives you a better picture of the mindset behind violence.

    I’ve started coming up with topics for A-Z; I’m hoping I can come up with 26 of them! And I also hope that your Older Kitty gets a clean bill of health.

  6. Kathy says:

    Congratulations on getting your cats into the baskets. I hope Older Cat’s test results are negative.

  7. Three blogs? I’m just trying to manage one, though I might throw a second blog-like project into the mix later this year.

    Pets do get pricey as they age. My dog is getting up there in years, and it seems like we’re taking her to the vet every couple months for this bladder infection that keeps coming back. I finally took her to a second vet just to get a different perspective–he suggested keeping her on the antibiotics for longer. Crossing my fingers that it works. Hope everything turns out well with your kitty.

    • alberta says:

      Was excited at three because I have been so bad at posting in the past:( trying to do better this year – but won’t be able to keep it up:) I cannot complain really – my two are fairly fit – it’s just getting extra vet bills on top of the yearly one which is high I think for a check over and a jab – but then the check over did discover the problem:) Anyway keeping fingers crossed test will be okay. Thanks for wishes and all the best with the dog – some bugs need longer courses these days to knock them out.

  8. Widdershins says:

    Cats!!! Every time we take Widdercat to the vet (she’s 20 years old, which makes her well over 100 in cat years, I’m sure) we gird our loins and bank accounts.

    • alberta says:

      Mine is only half your’s age! 20 years, that’s good, even for a cat. I have a theory about cats and their long lives – I think it’s all the sleeping they do – less stress – dogs race around all day waiting, watching humans, trying to please us – cats ? nah – just chill out:) love them to bits.

  9. Fun stuff! Just like with confidence, when writing fiction, if you don’t know, pretend! :)

    • alberta says:

      I have with previous but there wasn’t so much need to establish someones creditials:( but I will have fun with it – have thought some action through in my head.

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