dogs,cats and books-alberta’s week


I am dried out now and warm again – I stopped swearing at the dog and am at peace with the world. I have never bought into this ‘what fun it is to walk the dog:( well to be truthful have never bought into ‘what fun it is to walk’:) I don’t like walking. Once a week I take my sisters guide dog for one of her free runs (she’s allowed 2 a week) and give my sister a morning off. I join up with a friend and wander around the country park. I like a gossip so it’s bearable if not enjoyable – sometimes as today it is everything that is awful. The rain it rained – in stair-rods. It hailed, with skin stingingly spite. Storm force winds (well that’s what I’m calling them anyway) and cold that nibbled at flesh. Of course, being stupid mutts, the dogs didn’t care!

Anyway as I say I am recovered and can smile at the dog again:)The sun has come out again – could have come this morning – if it had any feeling it would have come, pah!

So animals have been an over-riding concern this week, I reported on Older Cat on Wednesday. We are off again this Monday for more tests. It seems she has some kind of skin cancer, what they have to find out is what has caused it and whether an operation will be possible or if it’s inoperable. The test tomorrow is to see whether it has been caused by feline HIV virus (bad luck if it is as she’s never missed her jabs against it) – may have to have x-ray to see if it’s attacked her spleen(they are concerned about something they can feel in there) – if it has it’s no go apparently – if it’s just a skin thing they may be able to cut the lumps out. So very much in the air at moment. Must phone the insurance company tomorrow see if the huge expense coming up will be covered – so having lots of crossed fingers.

I went to my embroiderers group meeting this week for three hours of sewing and gossip – was very cold when I got up and was tempted to stay home, just an old wimp me:) but glad I went. Did some work on the felt flowers I made before Christmas and then started a new doll – thought I would do something more nasty than usual! So started with the face all red and black – haven’t decided the body, but it will be embroidered all over – I might include some tattooing and long nails – maybe an half and half creature – I will let it evolve as it goes.

In the meantime, I have been reading lots of books, plotting some new scenes for The Children’s Tale and setting up my Pinterest site.

ROW80: This Week

The Children’s Tale: During the read through edit for The Children’s Tale I discovered a serious flaw. Found the hero – who is going to be promoted to high position in the army seems not to have done any fighting!!!!! In my head, he had – but it’s not down in the manuscript. Duh! So have some writing to do. I have planned all the new scenes which need doing – I don’t need hundreds of fights but mention must be made. I mention How to write a Fight by Rayne Hall on Wednesday, I have also read Violence by Rory Miller Which is about the psychology of writing and the two of them giving me some good ideas.

Networking: This year I have planned to get my marketing better organized. So to that end, I have been exploring the social sites I am on – which I do very little with. I have read 500 Social Media Marketing Tips by Andrew Macarthy, and What the Plus by Guy Kawasaki (Google+)

Also  Make your Book Work Harder  by Nancy Hendrickson & Michelle Campbell-Scott(about multiple platforms)  this book mentioned Pinterest so I decided I would investigate that as well. Read 10,000,000 Re-Pins by Barret Mehus &Cheryl Boss (ignore the extravagant claim – it is quite an interesting book) I have spent a lot of time setting up boards and begin to follow folk. Two of my book covers have already been repinned and  book trailer watched so maybe it will work. It really isn’t a horrid site after all more pleasant to spend time on, but even more than other sites when It is all set up – control will be needed!

I already had before this week, started to update my Goodreads site. I still need to discover if LinkedIn is actually worth pursuing. Have kept up on the other networks.

Blogs: As reported on Wednesday I posted about my reading challenges for this year. An update on my website on my traveling from non writer to author and also an explanation of WIP progress. And two for ROW80:) Good Week eh:)

Other: I have begun to create small backgrounds to enter my blogs on for Pinterest. Have completed the new storyboard for Jack’s Tale, now I have to re-jig the music:)

Reading: The books I mentioned before have been read very quickly, so that I can get an overview now I can experiment with the relevant chapters more carefully.

But not all research I have also read Patrick Gale’s Rough Music. I didn’t enjoy it as much as previous novels of his but then I guess we cannot like everything.

So a mixed week, but have achieved quite a bit in the writing sphere.

Next Week:  Is a reading week. I will still be editing when there is time, but the pressure relaxes on these weeks. No word counts or hour counts. I will play around with graphics and music in between times and plan to spend a lot of time reading.

I hope everyone has had a good week and have a good week ahead:)

6 thoughts on “dogs,cats and books-alberta’s week

  1. shanjeniah says:

    We have a big yard and a dog door – one benefit of a country life.

    Our cats are young and formerly feral. Tough girls, both of them. Squeak, who is large and panther-long, likes to come see me just after she comes in from the wet and cold. One of my WIP pages is now wearing her muddy editing print…

    On the other hand, the Corki-dog is not a fan of rain or snow. Smart boy, that dog! =D

    Holding Older Cat in my heart, and hoping with you for the best of news.May you enjoy snuggling together for your reading week!

    • alberta says:

      she has spent every evening trying to sit on my books:) such a wimp – drop of storm lashed rain and she wants to become an Indoor Cat – I don’t have a cat flap – so they cannot wander in and out as they want – thanks for good wishes

  2. morganmandel says:

    Hope your cat is okay! As for rain, my dog can’t stand it. She cringes and stands there, wasting precious time instead of doing her duty so she can come back in!

    Morgan Mandel

    • alberta says:

      my sister’s is a Lab and her thick coat makes her like a duck! – I feel for your dog – would we like be sent outside to do our ‘duty’ – the cats have a tray – can keep their fur dry – I’m on the side of the cats – at least they don’t demand walks in weather

  3. Widdershins says:

    Cats do not approve of rain. Which is why they are a superior species to dogs! …
    Hope everything goes easily for Older Cat – whatever the tests indicate.

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