Blogging, blue skies and being barmy


The sun is shining – maybe you think I comment too much on the weather, but, there has been so little sunshine in these islands over the past sodden weeks, I have a need to celebrate by articulating the sun is shining and the sky is blue:) Alberta can put up with freezing, cold and chilly as long as the sun and sky are the correct colour.

Have had my sister sick this week with cold or more of a cough really – she doesn’t normally have colds, so a week of her sleeping most of the days away has felt strange. She’s fine now – up and ironing, shopping and everything else she does. I can relax – I confess here I am not one of nature’s natural born carers!

Older Cat’s first tests came in – she doesn’t have Feline Aids, nor Leukemia. Good. She does have some circulating mast cells, maybe not good, so back for x-ray and scans of internal organs next Wednesday. When I have to devise a plan to lock her up and starve her for a while – I predict a very cross cat.

And just to add myself to the mix my rat poison levels have dipped again – tedious in the extreme. Seeing doctor tomorrow anyway to see what can be done to remove queasy feelings and to increase my appetite, as the clinic does think it’s my erratic eating habits which are causing the problem. You, none of you, know what I look like, but rest assured I do not look as if I have a problem eating. Look at me and visions of cream cakes being consumed in broom cupboard spring to mind:) I struggle most days to get my calorie count up to 1200. Will have to work something out. Lots of nibbles maybe, lots of snacks – am mentally reviewing all the food I know I like, and there’s a great deal of it, to work out how to chivvy my metabolism along.

So just to prove that I am barmy. With aches and ailments abounding not only have I planned to re-create the garden this year, get fit enough to line dance for 30 mins, but this week I imagined another grand plan:) I am going to change one room for another. Moving my bedroom to the work room and visa versa.

Simple you may think.

But then you haven’t ever seen the amount of clutter, stash and stuff I possess in each room!

Anyway, this was a week of reading and not much writing, as planned.

Writing: Have done a little editing. Worked out tricky bit.

It is Memoir Writing Month this month, so might begin going through my autobiography and begin editing that as well, now memoirs are practically done (not writing I know:)

Have got two authors lined up for The Red Carpet this month.

Blogs: I have  managed to write posts on

100 year old family connection to photography and the grim place The Sefuty Chronicles was when the series begins, also another update on my journey of self publishing.

Networking: Yup Yup Yup:) I have managed my daily ones every day – yay. Still haven’t managed much on the weekly ones. I am struggling to get the hang of Google+ – I am sure once I get the hang of it I will find it fun – just seems rather echo-y at moment. I need to find alternative to Facebook as more and more Facebook is restricting who see’s what I post, I cannot afford to pay to have my posts displayed to all my friends and at the moment Google+ doesn’t restrict. So will persevere.

Goodreads is going well, pleased I out in the time there.

Pinterest has consumed a great deal of my time this past two weeks, but now have quite a few boards, many many pins. I have got a little cache of pictures for posting on boards. Will dip my toe next week at trying to get my blogs up there as well as a little squeak occasional about my books – this old Brit cannot shout:(

Others: As I say been collecting and creating pictures for headlines to go on for Pinterest, also I think a few could be released into my walls and G+. Have written a few headlines. Worked a bit on Sefuty bible.

No further ahead on trailers, some weeks they don’t appeal.

Reading: I have started The Adventures of English by Melvyn Bragg – I read this years ago and as my A-Z this year concerns words I thought I would re-read. It is such an interesting book.

Read and reviewed The Last Prospector by Cairn Rodrigues ahead of her Red Carpet appearance later this month.

Have begun, well over half way in now, The Aquatic Labyrinth by Alastair Fontana – free book for reviews – so after having bitched about it only being in Kindle am having to read it on the computer – why do people limit their readership by, not e-booking on other formats, I don’t understand it.

Still have to read The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas for readers group – not at the moment, a book to enjoy:( I have a week to get through it.

I have begun to actually post reviews under each book In Goodreads as opposed to just on my blog. Long job, but, must do – must do.

Next Week: is a writing week, so back to editing with a vengeance.

4 thoughts on “Blogging, blue skies and being barmy

  1. John Holton says:

    “Rat poison”? Are you taking warfarin? Just curious.

    Hope all of you start feeling better and that Older Kitty doesn’t punish you for not feeding her.That’s especially tough when you have more than one.

    • alberta says:

      Many decades ago, my father, who was a kind an d gentle man, donated to a charity which wanted to stop unnecessary suffering to animals. Unusual because it included pests in that as well – one of my father’s hates was warfarin for killing rats – I grew up knowing rat poison was BAD -it never did get banned. When I was put on it I thought of him laughing his head off at the thought of his daughter – old lady now- had been put on it to save her life. I only know it as rat poison imbibed in my extreme youth. Give me a child for 7 years and all that.

      thanks for your good wishes:)

  2. “Barmy” is such a great word, and one we seldom hear in the U.S. We haven’t had much sun either, but the one day we did, my turtle really enjoyed it! Hope you, your sis and the kitty are all feeling better soon!

    • alberta says:

      Yes – I’m fond of barmy – it’s going out of fashion a bit over here – prob. not PC or something but I use it a lot.
      Didn’t know you had a turtle – did I know? no I’m sure I would have remembered a turtle:)

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