The Last Prospector by Cairn Rodrigues

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Cairn Rodrigues and her book The Last Prospector

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The Last Prospector by Cairn Rodrigues

prospector cover

The Last Prospector

Solstice is a world apart, created by a mysterious Boss and shaped by tempers of warring twin goddesses. Once it was a playground for sisters Ylumya and Ynoirya, but then the wars began. Now Solstice is the stage for the final battle between light and dark. Everyone must choose a side. The Boss sired the first prospector 1,000 years ago. Charged to search for a treasure unnamed, an unbroken line of men have been caretakers, shepherds and warriors for Solstice since the misty times. Now, Grayme Ceruleya is the last prospector, he is destined to find the treasure. But what happens to Solstice when he does?

A runaway slave dies giving birth alone in the desert. The nomads who find the baby don’t realize that the child is the pawn of the gods and wields more power than they can comprehend. Except for one boy, broken-hearted Tonyo who makes a tremendous sacrifice to ensure the baby’s safety. In Solstice the unlikely is probable, magicks are mundane and all the stories are true.

It’s a land of stunning natural beauty, filled with exotic wildlife and vibrant cultures. Powerful factions like the whore’s guild make the rules, ancient enemies find new strength and dreamers are waking up all across the land with one message. The Final war between the Twins has started. A victor must be decided this time.

prospector cover

Where to purchase  – The Last Prospector by Cairn Rodrigues and where to find Cairn







Cairn is returning to The Red Carpet with a guest post tomorrow – look out for her here

I have recently read this book for review purposes, with a little trepidation as it isn’t really in my normal genre, but I enjoyed it immensely

My review on Goodreads:

I did so enjoy this book – many times with fantasy I am disappointed – not this time though. The world here is drawn so well – it could almost be ours, but so obviously is not – the characters are real and all interesting. Descriptions are fantastic from the landscape, through different cultures, history down to the mundane – the food, the dirty clothes. I was standing right there eavesdropping.

This is a tale of  the many. Divers people are traveling to unknown destinations led by dreams. Their stories are interwoven so well; it is not always easy to write about so many characters and keep them as distinct beings, or to keep the story untangled.

I also found pleasing the lack of sword and sorcery which seems to dictate so much fantasy these days. There is magic, almost everyday affairs, strange creatures that are such acceptable beings I could wish we had them here in reality:) but this is mainly a story of people caught up in the games of the gods. A story of the power play of some and the helplessness of many.

The opening scene is brilliant and drew me in with excitement to find what happens.

(Disclaimer, I was given this book to read and am very pleased I was too – sometimes if I am asked to read I cannot honestly find much to write that would please anyone but, I am looking forward to reading the next instalment in this tale. A new author for me to follow.)


5 thoughts on “The Last Prospector by Cairn Rodrigues

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  3. shanjeniah says:

    This sounds like a lovely and fascinating read – I’m not much on sword and sorcery myself! =)

    • cairnr says:

      I’ve heard somewhere that writers should write what they know. I don’t know anything about swordplay but what I’ve seen on The Princess Bride! There is a war coming in the world of Solstice, battles will be fought. But what interests me as a writer, reader and watcher of the world is that not all battles are fought with combat.

      One of the biggest plotting challenges I’ve got is how to fight a physical battle without too much carnage. I hope people read The Last Prospector and stick around for the rest of the story. It’s full of surprises and the unexpected. Most of all, it’s a whole lot of fun, which is something of a core belief for me.

      • alberta says:

        I think people take it to heart but so much of what we write we have not actually experienced yet we can project from the experiences we have had – fight scenes are the most difficult if graphic but so much can be suggested and and as you say not all fights are swords – I’m certainly sticking around must now what’s going to appen:)

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