Floods, prizes and new heads;alberta’s check in

ROW80LogocopyLooking out of the window there is no wind, no lashing rain, although more storms are on their way. Spent a beautiful hour in the county park with the dogs in warmth, stillness and springtime sunshine – of course won’t last – it isn’t spring yet, but just for a moment it was so great to loosen ones zips, discard the hats and endless scarfs and feel those hunched muscles smile.

Life is not so good on the other side of these islands, floods are devastating when they come and then recede, but these floods do not recede – for those whose homes were devastated before Christmas, at the New Year start there are few smiles for the waters are still rising, still lapping at their hearths. The livestock still having to be evacuated from the farms. Ahead it must feel like the road to normality is un-believably steep and impossible.

No expert can or, is it will, predict when the water will go – there is nowhere. The water table too high, the ground too saturated. When I see the TV footage, or listen to their voices on the radio, I cannot imagine how they keep going. Humans can be stubborn, determined beasts.

Over here on the relatively calm east side what has been achieved. Well, it’s not been a bad week. My friend, older than me, but so fit (am I allowed to envy my friends?) stopped behind after the Living History group and helped me saw off a couple of branches, which have desperately needed pruning away. Each successive storm this winter has threatened the stability of the tree more. Thursday, a lull in the winds allowed the deed to be done. This week I must tackle the thicker lower branch and then I think I can relax until the spring.

Friday I found, after months of effort, I had at long last managed to get my rat poison levels to over the minimum. Able to report I had been more than good at eating. Have now managed a whole month of regular meals, can’t believe it myself, but hey it’s working. They want it higher, but at least I feel a bit safer now.

Feeling quite buoyed up I told her as I left. I was fit to win the quiz I was going to that afternoon, and what do you know I did:) by half a point, but hey, I won and it was a valentine theme – I hate them, the themed ones, and I am the least romantic person I know. Feeling very full of myself, is that allowed?:)

Made two faces yesterday for a new type of doll – they are clay and are drying out at the moment – then I can paint them. Have never tried modeling before – fingers crossed Have also begun an art journal, on depression (not as grim as it sounds) and sketching ideas for one on cats. These will be small affairs as I’m not sure of the way – more headlines than masses of writing. I will indulge in my love of crazy patchwork for the covers and colour for the pages. It is exciting at the moment.

I had three groups this week a reading group my living History and the monthly quiz, another visit to the vets and my rat poison clinic so wasn’t a lot of time for anything else.

What’s been done:

Writing: I managed a few hours of editing. Will continue this week.

Wrote a piece on food for my Living History Group

Blogs: have a  self publishing post on e-booking and one on when the weather turns against you.I have two more ready for this week

Red Carpet: I have Zoe Brooks on the Red Carpet this week

Networking:  Yes on the daily ones, no on the weekly:(

Have worked out a good routine for Pinterest that amazing time waster! I only go there at the end of the day when all is done, I settle with my nightcap and indulge. Works well – always the night owl:)

Reading: This week was a reading week and I confess I haven’t read that much. I did finish The Slap for the reading group – I was not alone in not getting on with it, and quite a lively discussion (always good) as to why. Apart from the unnecessary excess (in our opinion) of bad language and bad sex it was the fact that there wasn’t a single likable character.

I finished the Aquatic Labyrinth and despite my bitching about it being kindle only, enjoyed it. Have finished The Adventures of English – amazingly good book.

I am reading Zoe Brook’s first book Girl in the Glass,prior to her coming on The Red Carpet and have begun Beth Camp’sStanding Stones prior to my first attempt at beta reading, her second in the series. Not sure how good I’ll be at this Beth is being brave I think, but I will give it my best.

I do hope everyone has a good week :)

7 thoughts on “Floods, prizes and new heads;alberta’s check in

  1. […] Floods,prizes, and new heads; alberta’s check in […]

  2. shanjeniah says:

    I love that you always have things going, Alberta. Such creative force you have!

    I had no idea you were dealing with a rat poison issue – that sounds- unpleasant, at best. May your health continue to improve, the tree to sustain, and the waters to recede.

    • alberta says:

      It’s not actually rat poison – well, yes it is used for killing rats well used to be – it’s warfrin – when I was a small child it was only rat poison and my father was part of a campaign to have it banned as it was cruel – like to think he would find it amusing that his baby girl was struggling to find the right dose to keep her heart in good nick:)

      managed some more pruning – trees don’t know what’s hit them:)

  3. We had our first day above freezing in I don’t know how long, which is unusual for southern Ohio. Good progress on your health, and best wishes for continued improvement! Great that you got done what you did with all else that was going on!

  4. Beth Camp says:

    Loved your post this week, Alberta. Who could not feel compassion with all those affected by flooding disasters, especially given that no one seems to have any way to measure how long or how high. What a segue into spring and friends and that community of writing and reading that is the hub of all else. By the way, I’m not so brave as looking forward to your reactions. May the week go well for you.

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