Dreams of spring, journals and new rooms: alberta’s week

Living Stuff


A good week for me – am smiling, reasonably lively! and dreaming of spring and my new garden. Must get ahead of writing, so time is mine, for the great outdoors – well my garden anyway. Have got some plug plants and bulbs for the shady part of the new garden and have cleared the first part as these are spring flowers and need to be in. Have made a planting plan of the seeds I bought last year and will begin the sowing in the next couple of weeks.

Weather was good so took the opportunity to do some more drastic pruning – end of the garden is inaccessible for a while, as I have left the trunks I sawed down for later processing. I need to get these trees fixed before serious nest building occurs, sawing them up into fire sized pieces can wait a bit. The hazels are almost done, two more,I have forgotten the name of, are done, and at end of week my friend helped again with the tree in the front – enough of that has been taken out now until the autumn. Was difficult as we needed the double handed saw and I had to climb under other branches to get in a good position – am now remembering muscles I had though vanished for ever. Ouch.

I have begun the cover of a journal – ‘tis going to be crazy patchwork – it is going to be for my poetry – I haven’t written very much but I quite like what I have – so will bedeck the lines penned, with colour and doodles.

I cannot draw well, but I doodle all the time – and have been encouraged, with seeing that most of what I doodle has a name – Zentangles – I never knew – isn’t the cyber world a wonderful land?– find all kind of things up here – this was on Pinterest – how I like that place, why did I resist so long. Anyway, I shall bedeck my poetry journal with colour, doodles, lace and what-have-yous. Will report in a couple of weeks. (put the one on depression to one side for the moment as it is too sunny to contemplate:)

I also got the urge to start on the major room change, clearing some of my hundreds of frogs from one place into box for a while and replacing with yarn and fabric from my stash. Some of my clothes have been moved to the emptied drawers – all I have to do as this process continues is try and recall where clothes are – which room – which drawer!

Writing stuff – ROW80


So how was this author’s week. I have made some more progress on editing. Hoping to put all aside next month for a while and then I will concentrate on blogging in March, the edited work I put away end of Jan might come out at end of March and will see how it looks.

I am planning a major change in my blogging habits this year, not quite there yet, but to put plan in place I need to get a little more ahead.

I had Zoe Brooks on the Red Carpet this last week, I really enjoyed her first book which I finished on Monday – Girl in the Glass.

I read the book group book this week – The Distant Hours by Kate Morton, I wasn’t sure I wanted to read it – wasn’t keen on her first and have avoided her since but actually enjoyed it. Will have to try some of her others.

Then I settled down to finish Beth Camps first book Standing Stones with no distractions. I don’t read historical that often but the subject was one I knew very little about – oh we had learnt about the Highland clearances at school but not so much really – history all those years ago was pretty much look how great the English were – not! I have learnt most of my history since I left school.

Anyway I enjoyed Beth’s book very much and am looking forward to reading the next (although still a bit nervous about the responsibility of beta reading)

I have joined up for a free webnaire on Monday on how to utilize pinerest more for marketing. My other workshops are progressing, although I find I am slipping behind, a little, on one. Makes such a difference who the lecturer is – some are just so boring to listen to I nod off:( so rude.

Nothing else to report, hope to do more of the same next week.

Here’s wishing everyone all the best:)

9 thoughts on “Dreams of spring, journals and new rooms: alberta’s week

  1. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Bertie, I am really sick. Just letting you know I am offline for an indefinite time. Still available by email. Blog and Twitter are running on auto. Take care. Hopefully I will be back soon.

    • alberta says:

      I know friend – I have been following your triberr posts – I’m so sorry and send you a zillion good wishes and hope for a speedy get better – I think you have done fantastically through it all – will await your return with a smile of welcome waiting but please take care of yourself:)

  2. Eden says:

    All this talk about crocuses and clematis and Spring air just makes me envious as I look out to my front yard and the foot of snow still laying there. And yet… If anyone deserves sunshine and rosebuds it would be dear writerly friends like you, Alberta. Glad you’re enjoying the coming spring.

    • alberta says:

      Your spring will come:) ours still hangs on – more branches hit the dust – time running out, birds are checking out likely locales:) where abouts are you? Such a large continent I get confused as to where my cyber friends are – and your weather seems to be as out of sync as ours this year

      • Eden says:

        Yeah.. spring ill come. Good point, Alberta.

        We’re just a bit south of Albany, NY in the foothills of the Catskill mountains. But I wish I was on your side of the pond as a matter of default…. the envy isn’t completely seasonal. :-D

  3. Ah, yes, gardening! We’ve been doing a lot lately too. Vegetation is about four weeks ahead of average here in southern Germany, which means it’s nearly spring already!

    Good luck on your goals. :)

    • alberta says:

      Lucky you – still a bit chilly here, although have snowdrops, primrose and crocus just about out here and my early clematis is in bud – plants will go for it. I think the birds are ahead also which is why I’m in a hurry to get the essential pruning finished, they are wanting to build:)

  4. Beth says:

    What a beautiful photo of hands and that rose to begin your blog about spring. It’s never to early to plan a garden, and your words here suggest such joy — and hard work. Thank you for the kind words about my Standing Stones. Not to worry about being a first-time beta reader. Your English heritage is especially useful for me, and I thank you for your generosity! So, March will be for blogging and then April for editing. Not a bad plan at all. Have a very good week!

    • alberta says:

      I like that picture although my hands are not quite as old as them – there’s a serenity about them which appeals – march for blogging and getting ahead for a-z in april – don’t want the distraction of daily blogging – need to get editing finished – WIP has been IP toooooo long for my impatient soul:)

      looking forward to reading next instalment, need a new cap to wear, must embroider one post hast:)

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