Been missing but, I have been busy – honest:)


Been missing for a while, no excuses, nothing wrong – just missing. However, I haven’t been idle:)

I have been organizing myself (hard work that!) continuing with changing the way I blog, market, and share. I sawed down a few more tree trunks, weeded quite a bit of the path that wends its way through the garden. Been writing more A-Z posts for April. Finishing a book cover and some beta reading. Busy, busy, time.

So, new blogging regime?

I have lost patience with Facebook refusing to share my posts unless I pay them, in consequence, I am changing the main focus of sharing to Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. I have, I hope got the hang of Pinterest now, and this last week I have spent time wandering around the halls of Google+, popping my head around doorways and checking out ‘circles’. I think I understand how it works much better now and so will spend some time making friends there.

I have reorganized my Triberr links (one can only change the link to a blog site once every 30 days) so, as I am running 4 blogs there, I am changing when I blog on a site. Some, like this one, will get onto Triberr every other month. I have just joined a couple more to do with book reviews and blogs.

Because of this I shall only be hosting other authors(The Red Carpet), their books spots, guest posts etc on alternate months when they will be tweeted by seven of the blogs on Triberr – giving the maximum range of people likely to see the posts.

So alternate month, starting with May,July,September, November. Anyone thinking of book tours, book spots, guest posts etc and would like another place to post during those months get in touch I can book you in:)

I am sharing any of these last, ‘Red Carpets’also with my ‘albertareads’ blog which is attached to Goodreads as well as , now,  Triberr so not just Twitter but Goodreads as well, bonus:)

I’m sure the other sites will want paying at some time, it is the way of the world but, for the moment, they are still free.

I have created boards on Pinterest for blogs, interviews, books etc as well as boards for my publications, memoirs and family history so all my posts will be pinned up there as well, fingers crossed they will be read. I had already been sharing other peoples posts to Google but not mine, as yet, as I get confidence in the place I will post more often.

Google + seems to be more like Facebook groups, like this one, and these are still fun to be on so I will not be leaving Facebook anytime soon. It all sounds complicated and it has taken a bit of working out and planning and exploring but most of that work is over and hopefully I can get back to serious writing again:)

I have begun to write a month’s worth of posts for each change of Triberr,it is in fact easier to draft these one after the other as I can stay in the same mind set.

April is different as the A-Z is an everyday affair and I’ll switch most of my tribes to’ kissafrog‘ for the month.

All this has taken a fair amount of time but I have actually rather enjoyed it:)

I have also been watching a lot of short videos on journaling – learning about sealing paper and such stuff. Spent a day constructing crazy patchwork cover for a journal, with my embroidery group, almost finished – needs a little more actual embroidery on it.

When I was taking back the reading group books to the library in the village I noticed they had Season One of Game of Thrones, on a whim, I booked it out, I have read the first three books of the series and thought I would see how the DVD did. Was pleasantly surprised at how well they kept to the book.

Enjoyed it. Didn’t expect to.

The only snag is we are only allowed a DVD for a week before returning it and Season One is so long! I do not normally spend so much time watching things. Wrecked spare time:)

I have been doing a little editing. Drafting a lot of blogs, sewing, gardening, reading, viewing and in between time I sleep:)

I hope everyone is getting along fine and enjoying the approaching good weather of spring or, if the other side of world,  autumn

4 thoughts on “Been missing but, I have been busy – honest:)

  1. Eden says:



    I feel tired just reading all the things you’ve gotten done in your “time off”, Alberta, Amazing. Seems that absence in your case makes the progress flow.

    I get it. Sometimes the most productive times we have are when we back away and allow ourselves to fully immerse in the business at hand. Glad to know you’re back though. :-)

    • alberta says:

      Maybe it’s spring appearing – or my resolution to reclaim my life from ills – or just a one off, but I feel so much better and although ‘full of energy’ is a strange thing to say when half an hour sawing trees means a lie down for at least an hour! in comparison to even 6 months ago I am positively bubbling over:) And really a lot of what I need only needed me to troll through internet sites, but still yes am pleased with progress – now just have to stop ‘playing’ around and finish my book!!!

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