Proverbs are the children of experience

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As I have nothing to post on goals, I thought I would use the Wednesday check in to share a few ‘wise’ words! Depending on how you feel about proverbs. I like them – okay the well known ones border on cliche, but even cliche can be good sometimes. They are popular because they offer homely wisdom. They are not invented by the Shakespeares and Dickens of the world . They are observations and quick answers from us ‘common’ folk – hope I didn’t offend just then:)

Proverbs are found in every culture and are very similar in all, just wrapped a little differently, because aren’t human problems pretty well the same the world over. They are often contradictory, quirky, and, if very old, difficult to understand which, is of course exactly like LIFE itself:)

Today I offer a handful for us writers.

          1) Every book must be chewed to get out its juice (Chinese)

2) Like author, like book

3) The pen is mightier than the sword

6) Painters and poets have leave to lie (I reckon that applies to all fiction writers also:)

4) The calf, the goose, the bee:the world is ruled by these three

(quite old – calf = vellum, goose = quill pen – the bee = sealing wax)

But beware

5) Writing destroys the memory

(believed to be the  destruction of oral memory)

Have a good week everyone:)


3 thoughts on “Proverbs are the children of experience

  1. Julie Glover says:

    I enjoy proverbs. There’s usually some germ of truth in there! Hope you have a great next week, Alberta!

  2. Amy Keeley says:

    LOL, writing has saved my memory too many times. That is a thought though. Writing destroyed my memory in order to save it? What an evil genius this habit is.

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