Affection and sunshine when we fade



I am one with the white rabbit – I’m late I’m late. . .

Round two already, life is twirling around in the sunshine> I had a good break, busy but good. In my real life:) I read a great deal, began my new garden and began journaling. I finished making my crazy patchwork cover for journal, made a couple of fat dolls and moved a whole lot more stash from one room to another, will soon have changed bedroom and workroom around and the sun will shine on me when I wake in the mornings.
I continued pre-drafting blogs, posting A-Z blogs and began writing the missing bits.

Have at last managed to carve out three days so I can get down southwest to visit the old ancestral pile. It takes a great deal of organization as I have to have someone sleeping here at night and popping in during the day for my sister and also it is a little too far for me to drive at the moment with my health not recovered yet so I need someone to get me there. It has all come together. Yay. So two nights away in May with friend from forever/editor.

I also spent more time sitting in the sun with older cat, she is definitely desiring more human contact and affection as she fades. I have to handle her more carefully because of the growth on her spleen, but her purr is not diminished and we spend time just being together. I guess that’s what we all want at the end.

This round I have tweaked goals a trifle. Because the re-read last month showed some gaps in Children’s Tale I will be spending time this round on it, it will not going to friend from forever/editor just yet.

I need to design a cover for memoirs this round and get them Lulu-ed
I must get a trailer together for Jack’s Tale
Think of a cover for The Children’s Tale.

I will write short stories in May while the story a day challenge is on but not committing myself to one a day, just work on the shorts each day – for Companion Tales.
In the same way as I will join in JuNo again this year, but not committing to the 50000 words. Not sure what I will be doing it depends so much on how well I have proceeded on Children’s Tale.


I hope everyone had a good break and are all fueled up for this round:)

4 thoughts on “Affection and sunshine when we fade

  1. violafury says:

    Alberta, I am sorry to have been gone so long from #ROW80. My better 2/3s had a heart attack and then I did the A-to-Z Challenge and assisted DamyantiG in the co-hosting duties. So, I am back, recovered from whatever trauma all of that may have inflicted and wanted to stop by and say “hello”. Also, I agree with Mr. Ryan King! ;-) All my love, Mary

  2. Ryan King says:

    Be like Gandalf. “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.” As do writers ;)

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