Loss, gain, exhaustion and fun

deer grooming c


I have abandoned my holiday to post as I am feeling a wee bit guilty at my lack of contact this round.

The two or so weeks before I went away, I was in a determined effort to finish moving the rooms around. Not just the sorting of endless stash and, I have to confess, accumulated rubbish! but also switching furniture from room to room. It was foolhardy and I pushed myself past safe limits, but I got as far as sleeping in my new room before I left to explore my roots. There is still unpacking of boxes to do, but that can be done in the sunshine of my south facing room now, with no time pressures.

I wondered if I had gone too far, I was near the point of exhaustion when I ceased working, with hardly a functioning brain cell, However,not only did I manage that, but after a day to rest I managed a very energetic two and a half days away. So feeling very pleased with myself.

Kiss a Frog explained where and why I was going to visit the ancestral pile! It exceeded all expectations. I come back with many photos  and  lots of notes of new facts gleaned from various guides and gardeners. Fortunately, my friend from forever/editor was with me because, even though there are months only between us in age, she is spry and energetic, unlike me, and set off to yomp over the hills and dales of the estate.

And I do mean hills.

Of the steepest, the house being nestled at the bottom of the valley. So I have lovely pics of the parklands, the tree collection and of course the deer as well, I concentrated on the house and gardens. Lovely and at times hysterical time was had by both, I haven’t laughed so much in yonks.

As friend from forever/editor didn’t have to be back home until the weekend, I took the rest of the week off also and have been having a very lazy time of it all. This morning I snapped up some great plant bargains at a local Boot Fair and my new garden has been boosted considerably for it.

The only sore point in these last couple of weeks is that Older Cat lost her battle with cancer. The last morning she slept beside me for a while on the bed, she was never a bed person, so it was nice to share a few moments like that. Younger Cat keeps watching out the garden window, I suspect for her old adversary. However, Older Cat went peacefully and without intrusive medical work so I am pleased about that, even though I shall miss her.

I have done nothing writerly for over a week now, after the A-Z frenzy, I felt a trifle wrung dry, but I have managed to draft 18 short stories for Companion Tales, so have kept up on Story A Day Challenge.

Now I must get down to getting back to a normal routine for words on page, I really do need to bring some completion to various projects.

So it is head down, probably.
Fingers flying, hopefully!:)

Next week?

Write, edit, catch up on networking, sit in sun, garden.

Hope all has gone well since I vanished, all the best for the coming week:)

5 thoughts on “Loss, gain, exhaustion and fun

  1. […] and comments. You can jump in either on this post or last week’s check-in.) Thank you, Katey, Alberta, Sabina, and Kat for commenting to tell me that you’re interested.  This is helpful to me […]

  2. deniz says:

    Aww, so sorry to hear about Older Cat. {{{hugs}}}
    Glad you had a great vacation!

    • alberta says:

      It was a very peaceful life – well lived – younger cat has changed into a more relaxed cat who enjoys the new room and the added sunshine – has stopped looking out window for older cat – it is interesting watching changing dynamics in our pets when their status in the ‘tribe/ pack/ crowd/ mob’ changes with others deaths

      the trip to roots was great:)

  3. I am sorry to hear about Older Cat. Lost my beloved Older Manx, Margot, almost two years ago. I have a young spry lovely tortie formerly feral Panther Girl I adopted from Eden, and I adore her and she, me…

    But it would be like saying one dear friend could ever replace another. Miss Squeak is herself (and wearing a long elegant tail). I love her, and I miss my Margot Kitty…

    It sounds like you have been gloriously creative! How delightful to trace back your history. May you settle in to your new space, and let those simmering juices pour forth! =D

  4. Andrew Couch says:

    A lot going on for you it seems. Sounds like your trip went well if you came back with so many good memories.
    Congrats on keeping up on your story a day. I am quite impressed by that kind of discipline. I try to write every day, but it all ends up on the same few longer stories.

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