ROW80 2015 goals


Not as much writing achieved last year as planned but I cannot dismiss the year altogether. What I managed was get the fragmentation that was me stitched back together. I crawled the last few feet up over the chasm I had fallen into. The happy pills can only do so much. I had to do the rest. And 2014 unexpectedly became the year I did it.

On the face of it it was just a bit of de-cluttering and room changing but it turned out to be life changing as well. The house is almost done, odd patches to be tidied, a few strokes of paint. Files in cyberspace and here in the real world have been sorted. Leisure has been re-discovered. Pain has been banished to the fringes, it will always threaten but I have it corralled for the time. I feel refreshed and optimistic now for this new year.

I’m not setting targets in stones just general wishes and hopes.

Goals for 2015


Finish, polish and print The Children’s Tale, and for personal use, memoirs.

After a visit from friend from forever/editor I have my orders to create another re-told fairy tales short story collection! So, write, polish and print.

If there is time, probably wont be, however I’ll put it here: Work on Blue Moons, Menko and Companion Tales all of which are half way there.


I have spent the holidays trying to sort out blogs and working out how to move them over to websites. Have purchased the domain names. Just have to figure the mechanics, but there is a very nice gentleman on the server by the name of Rob who is getting used to holding this old lady’s hand:)

This year I shall be posting more often (I hope) I am going to run a series of posts here on words and English. Idioms, sayings, historical changes , reasons for spellings, as well as some of the great people who helped make English the fantastic language it is. Plus I have joined in with authors quotes.

I am looking at joining a couple of others on my kiss a frog blog.

Have made a list of subjects and days to post timetable to see if it can keep me on track! Doubt it somehow, my road to hell will be paved with pure gold paving stones:)

Other: need to get some trailers made.

Networking: Keep up with networking
Challenges throughout the year

NaEdNoMo March.
A-Z April
Story a day May
JuNoWrMo June

Camp Nano either one in summer see, where I am at

NaNoWrMo Nov
Reading: I am joining a few! Reading Challenges for the year.


On the premise that I need to relax a trifle for my well being I  have set some leisure challenges for myself such as

A scrumble a week.

Art Journal page a week (maybe) I have joined an art journaling weekly prompt site.

Book of me ( family history prompts)

Exercise class once a week ( this is a homemade one – I have switched supermarket to largest around here and I walk up and down every aisle as fast as I can – have cut the time down from 75 mins to 40 in a few months so it seems to be working!

Have delegated two days for dance class ( at home via DVD:) can only do about 10 mins but I will improve
Will be working on my new garden.

That should be enough to keep me out of mischief and off the street corners:)

I hope everyone is refreshed after the break and raring to go- good luck for 2015:)






One thought on “ROW80 2015 goals

  1. Glad to hear that 2014 gave you the opportunnity to reorganize things and get back on track. The goals for 2015 sound good. I am sure you will accomplish them and more. All the best!

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