Writer’s Quote Wednesday



  I have joined Silver Threading in putting up author’s quotes each week – well hopefully each week.  Authors they know how it is – right? ‘they have been there – done that and own the t-shirts’.  I have spent so much of my life reading and gained so much advice on how to live from books and their creators, especially when a child, I liked the idea as soon as I came across it.

This quote from Rudyard Kipling is just one line from his poem ‘If’. Many people roll their eyes at this poem, full of platitudes they groan, but it has been with me for almost 60 years I would think.  I grew up in Britain when the Victorian ideals were beginning to fade to be replaced with our brash new exciting ‘go get’ world (which I like on the whole:) but, his words helped guide me during the difficult cultural change over.  Anyway I mustn’t get started or I will rabbit on for ever:) I hope you enjoy it.

quote 2

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. […] have quoted from Kipling’s IF, on Authors Quote Wednesday – it is a favourite poem from my childhood, many moons ago. I would read it constantly, even […]

  2. alberta says:

    It is one of the roses in my garden – It smells fantastic – thanks.

  3. Silver Threading says:

    What a gorgeous photo. Well done. Thank you for the excellent quote. I love it. <3

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