Logophile: a few offerings




Today I bring you half a dozen unusual words which are I feel fading away from our common vocabulary. Some you may know, others may well be foreign words. I like the look and sound of these, they sit neatly in my eye and head


To grow together, to form around or on something
To attract (such growth)

Origin: Latin – accrescere – grow


Slightly sour in taste
Rather sharp or caustic in speech
Origin: Latin  – acidus – sour

I like the sound and meaning of this next one, think I will begin using it

Beek :

To warm, to make comfortable
To bask in the warmth of the sun or fire
Origin: Old Scandinavian – beke – to expose body to warmth

This also appeals


Shelter, refuge, protection.

A  place or person providing shelter or refuge
Origin:Scots from Old English – boldness


In Living History today three of the group mentioned carrier(homing) pigeons on railway stations of our youth so this had to come in.


A pigeon fancier

Origin: Latin -columba –  dove and  Greek –philos – lover (isn’t that a great mixture)


Overlapped like roof tiles
Related to over lapping of the calyx of flower

Origin: Latin – imbric – roof tile

Hope you liked them, and if you knew them and use them do let me know.


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