Writer’s Quote Wednesday


This quote is part of Silver Threading’s author’s quote series.  Authors who have helped inspire my writing.  I have read for so many decades I have forgotten more than I can remember – which is a shame.  My father had the same problem as he grew older and told me he was lucky because he could re-read books and come to their delights as if new.  Me? there are too many new authors and books I want to cram in before I go:) When I re-read a book and I do frequently I find that knowing the plot allows me to concentrate on the detail more.

Somerset Maugham was one of the popular writers of my youth and I think I probably read all his books – not so much his plays, cannot quite get to grips with plays:) Not knowing that much about his personal life I fell for the ‘romance‘ of his life.  Serving in the Red Cross during the First World War, recruited as a ‘spy’ and serving in Switzerland and Russia (before the revolution there) traveling to places such as India and Asia (places I dreamed of going to), what wasn’t there  for an impressionable  young reader to like about the writer.

He wrote  a great deal about the end of colonialism (British) in many of the countries I was eventually to travel to. This was an era my parents and myself were living through. part of the background of our lives.

My quote today resonated with me when I first read it.  It applies as much today as back then.


wed quote 2


One thought on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Silver Threading says:

    I love your quote Alberta. Compassion always gets me. Well done. Thanks for the fabulous post! <3

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