a little bit of this and a little bit of that:) ROW80


It has been a fairly social week with two of my groups falling together due to the month beginning on a Thursday. One was a reading group held in the library of the nearest town. We had read a Dorothy Sayers book, The Nine Tailors, I am very fond of Sayers but apart from one other member it wasn’t a popular read. Too slow, too complicated, to unlikely – shake of sad head, ah well – I enjoyed it even though I have read it at least twice before.

The only downside was the cold and the walk from car park to group. This year I am really struggling with the cold – even though the temperature hasn’t really got very low. I may have regained a whole stack of energy but when the temperature dips, even a little, the stupid heart goes into ‘go slow mode’ and I struggle. Usually means prolonged sleep afterwords. Get very tired of it some days.

The second group was the writing group that meets here in my abode and, although two members didn’t make it,we enjoyed listening and discussing some varied work. I at long last produced some work for it! The first draft of the beginning of a new short story for friend from forever/editor’s requested new book. Last year I really didn’t write much and, as the leader of the group, I have been feeling guilty for a while.

We had a friend around for lunch on another day with consequent enjoyable long natter. So what with two longish free run dog walks, three interrupted days but despite it I have managed to keep up.


Writing:   Said short story. Just over a thousand words and a very satisfactory reaction from group between, light idyllic atmosphere and abrupt brutality – so got that beginning right:)

Blogging:   Yup managed everything planned. On –

KissaFrog I have My Lady a Boudoir Doll? a memoir piece on a treasured possession from my childhood, inspired by a prompt from Julie Bucher’s Book of Me.
Dorothy Sayers,geranium oil & temptation a 3 Thing Thursday post. It’s a challenge run by nerd in the brain where we post three things that made us smile during the week.

On Alberta Reads It’s not the words but the sentiments.I re-cycled an older piece of mine on PC speak and old books.

Here I have managed
The Devil has a small outing , another collection of proverbs and origins,
A Writers Quote Wednesday run by silver threading.
So not a bad week for blogging.

Well sort of failed, only managed the usual twitter, facebook and Triberr. None of the groups. I did manage to comment on quite a few within those three, however, must do better.

I must say I have had a good start to the year, with this cold weather keeping me indoors most days, I have had a chance to put up my feet and read. This past week I have managed three book group books(fiction) and three books for research purposes (non fiction). Maybe if I read less I would write more. Shrug.

Am considering changing blogs to website, nervous, but I think I have too. I am tempted to move content from blogger to WordPress, has anyone else tried this? Is it easy? I have had nothing but problems with Google, from the start, with  Gmail and blogger and just can’t get the hang of Google+, , it drives me nuts.
I will leave kissafrog alone I think.

Although I did the walking I had planned it left me feeling very under the weather so have decided while this cold persists I will do all indoor exercise.
Managed some Art Journaling, as I was still feeling unwell yesterday (my craft day) I just experimented with water colours and prepping the paper, even then only managed an hour.
No Scrumbles this week, time spent usually on that was spent on reading. Ah well.
Wrists still bit painful so have left off doing the counterpane until Friday when I go to embroiders meeting.

Mixed but not disastrous week,

Next week It will be more of the same but hopefully The Children’s Tale will be back in full swing as well, I am confident that getting back into full swing slowly will work and WIP will be back on the agenda by end of the month:).

I hope everyone else had a good week and all the best for coming one:)

2 thoughts on “a little bit of this and a little bit of that:) ROW80

  1. alberta says:

    thanks you too. Sluggish is exactly the right word, this month seems to be more about tidy, sort, prepare than anything real – ah well follow the flow:)

  2. Sounds like a busy week. I also feel sluggish during the winter months. I’ve noticed that January is one of my least productive months–my word counts are lower, things just seem to take just a little bit longer. I definitely love summer, especially since I can spend my mornings outside, drinking coffee, reading or journaling, and preparing for the day. That always leaves me inspired and ready to write.

    Have a great week!

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