Boiling oil – babies and relaxing


We have had friend from forever up to stay for a long weekend – an unexpected surprise but for all of us great especially I think for the dog who cannot keep still from the excitement of it all, expressing little wimpers under her breath from the joy of it all:)

Apart from discussing over breakfast the effectiveness of not of boiling oil as a method of warfare we have let the writing world alone since Thursday concentrating our time instead on fibre.

She is involved in knitting baby hats for  prem babies and now my sister is going to join in and knit blankets for said babies.  My sister had already been knitting them for homeless dogs and cats. So we were out in the cold choosing wool and I fell into the temptation of buying some for my scrumbles:( I am meant to be clearing my stash not adding to it.  Otherwise it has been catch up time for us.  very relaxing and enjoyable.


WRITING: no words however the last bit of this tale involves refugees and homeless children so I have been researching this aspect of war – it counts towards the writing.

BLOGS: Yes, yes yes. About periodic sentences here as well as this week’s author quote.

I show of my journal covers  and share three smile on Three Thing Thursdays over on kiss a frog:)

There is a review of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

and musing on boiling oil as a weapon on my website.

NETWORKING: still not doing enough but have managed Facebook, twitter, triberr and pintrest this week.  I need to do more on my new twitter account to boost the following so if anyone would like to help  and is up on twitter my new account is on twitter @ al_berta_ross

READING:  three non fiction and one fiction not too sad.

NEXT WEEK: more of the same.


Hope everyone has had a good week and all the best for this week:)

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