Writer’s Quote Wednesday



This quote is part of Silver Threading’s author’s quote series.  Authors who have helped inspire my writing. To write one must engage with the world around. Imagination is not the everything, imagination needs feeding with experience and observation Life is what feeds writers.

I didn’t read this quote until many years later after I had first heard it. My father gave it to me one grey afternoon when we were in the garden. I was discontented, it was chilly and damp, I wanted to be inside reading. He wasn’t often wont to play with us during the weekends he too was a reader. He was trying to get me interested in anything, decided the pond was his best bet. I knew the pond, had fallen into it many a time. I was clumsy. I probably pouted, I did often:) told him it was boring.
He quoted this to me, told me to cup my hand into the water and see what I could find.


It would be cold and full of weed.

Didn’t sound much fun.

But I did.

I can’t say my life was transformed that day. I found a small snail and some creepy thing that made me cry. He abandoned his attempt and agreed indoors would suit both of us best. He did explain the words to me though. Always look at what can’t be seen immediately and I would be surprised at what fun or interest I might find.



It was another prosy thing like every cloud has a silver lining!

Well he was right as I discovered over time. Interest in everything to varying degrees has served me  so well over the years, it is difficult to be bored.When I finally began my ‘book’ decades later it was all the interests I had discovered over a life time which fed the story.

Mind I am not sure that ‘quiet fun’ is how I would describe the battle for survival that goes on in the depths of ditch water:)

 is ditchwater dull

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Sandi says:

    This is a wonderfully insightful quote, and I like the way you’ve interwoven it with a real-life incident. My life seems dull at times, but Chesterton has a good point.

    • alberta says:

      sorry for delay but my internet connection was down for couple of days – thanks for visiting and your comment – my life is constrained now as I am a carer and can no longer roam as I did but even here there are books, the internet, friends, music etc – so much to do, think about, dream about. He was one of the good guys:)

  2. Silver Threading says:

    Alberta, what a magnificent post! You are so correct in saying that some things just do not come to us until we have lived more. I love learning more about you. Well done friend! <3

  3. The water in that pond indeed teemed with life, and still to this day sparks your imagination. Your father was a wise man.

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