Brainstorming, reading. Writing?


A trifle behind this week as had friend from forever/editor staying at beginning, although we managed to keep away from writing until the end some useful brainstorming was managed.

Have finished the month well ahead of reading goals with 13 book out of my 75 planned. Not resting on those particular laurels, it’s January, it’s cold and I am confined to the house. I know when the weather improves I won’t have so much time to read.



 This Week ROW80

Writing: been research reading, brainstorming, counts? Oh yes:)

Blogging: Only Three Thing Thursday on Kissafrog
Author’s Quotes and short piece on the A rolling stone proverb   and it’s change over the years
Been researching refugees, and written a short blog about the subject
Have,though, managed to catch up and have next week’s posts drafted.

Networking: Triberr, Twitter x 2, Facebook and A Round of Words most days. Also Pinterest and Goodreads x 1

Reading: round up of books read this month;

Nine Tailors by Dorothy Sayers –    Reading Group
The Missing by Chris Mo                  Reading Group
The Age of Doubt by Andrea Camilleri –

Translated – Reading Group

Virgin Brides by Hua Gu- Translated
Maboingoin by Unknown- Translated – Literary Movement
Confessions by Saint Augustine of Hyppo-

Translated – Literary Movement

Discover your brand by Emlyn Chand-    N/Fic
Bonjour Blogger by Hayley Constantine- N/Fic
Twitter for Writers by Rayne Hall –  N/Fic

Another Man’s War by Sam Childers – Research for WIP
War, Conflict and Play by Tina Bruce – Research “
Refugee Women by Susan Forbes Martin -Research “
A Thousand Sisters by Lisa J Shannon –  Research “

LIFE IN GENERAL: Exercise not too good the cold has kept me indoors most of the month(I have trouble with breathing if air is cold) so walks haven’t been taken:( Fail
Scrumbles have been made x 2
Art journal page has been done x 2
Too cold for Garden
Went out for delicious dinner with three friends

NEXT WEEK: Feb I set aside along with March to begin editing The Children’s Tale and Memoirs – finishing missing bits and melding together chapters. So that is the plan all month. Must make effort and get more contact with various groups I belong to here onlne. Have begun reading an urban fantasy for some light relief in the book department:)

I hope everyone had a good week and will have another this week:)

5 thoughts on “Brainstorming, reading. Writing?

  1. Allison says:

    Congrats on all your accomplishments! For the first time this year, I entered a book challenge. It’s going well. too. :-)

    The longer I write, the more I realize how much brainstorming and researching is part of the entire process. Enjoy it!

    Networking is always a balance struggle for me. It tends to be the first dropped, when other commitments need my time.

    This week has already had two snow days. Not a bad start. ;-)

    • alberta says:

      Sorry for delay lost connection for few days then had to plough through millions! of emails etc:) which book challenge did you join in? two snow days I hope you joke it is not good – I dislike them intensely , have to really try and appreciate the beauty of them:)

  2. alberta says:

    13 not 30! even I cant read that fast and actually eat:) Reading fast has many advantages but the downside is one is always looking for a new book!

  3. Wow, 30 books. That is insane! I wish I had the time to read more. Reading faster would also help. I am confined mostly to reading at night only. Before bed.

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