Writer’s Quote Wednesday: 4th January


This quote is part of Silver Threading’s author’s quote series.  Authors who have helped inspire my writing. To write one must engage with the world around. Imagination is not the everything, imagination needs feeding with experience and observation Life is what feeds writers.

This is a little like one of my favourite sayings from childhood – every cloud has a silver lining. The teaching me of hopeful endings and taking a longer view of disaster small and large. Silver linings and sunny side of doubt are part of my baggage. They were not taught by rote, nothing was insisted on, this was one of life’s lessons I learnt from growing up around positive people.

My grandmother was always showing me the silver linings and I can run through so many of my own. She was a great one for spine strength and gut health – one of the get on with life brigade:)

I slowly learnt that folk around one, responded well to smiles but not to frowns.  I also discovered that although the smiles might be’ put on’ at first, they did in fact help to cheer. That ‘pretend’ positive thoughts led to real positive thought.

Quite an eye opener!

Maybe, just maybe, I began to think, there was something in these homilies the old folk were so keen on:)

The sunny side of doubt has helped me remain optimistic throughout my years of travel, my studies and my writing. I wasn’t born sunny like my sister, I imbibed it cautiously because there was no other alternative offered when I was young, that side of my character was strengthened and the gloomy side diminished.

I discovered this quote very much later in life, when I already did view the sunny side- more often than not, I have darker periods however,and eventually when I crawl and heave myself out of those potholes it is in large part due to this side of my nature

sunnier side quote

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday: 4th January

  1. alberta says:

    I think it must be in our DNA this response to a smile – from infant-hood it’s instinctive and leaves a lighter feel to the moment – sorry for delay in answering – internet down! thanks for visiting

  2. Silver Threading says:

    Alberta, I love this quote from one of my favorite poets! I read the other day that we must choose to be happy. I never thought about that too much. However, once I got older it occurred to me that we truly do choose our mood. It is up to us. Thank you for sharing such great insight into your quote. <3

  3. morganmandel says:

    Great advice! I’ve been trying to follow it more lately, instead of being negative. It’s true that a smile makes all the difference. When someone smiles at me for seemingly no reason I can’t help but smile back.

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