Pretty poor round up:(


It hasn’t been a good week of writing or editing,as I have been a bit poorly.

I have been polishing up a whole new set of schedules for 2015. Having decided last year I needed more time just to relax, to leave the machine and catch up on other interests, to improve my decidedly up and down health. I have had to structure days in a way that has always been anathema to me. I have always winged it from preference. Routines do not suit me. I can do them, have had to at certain points of my life. It is not the way I envisaged my retirement, but then life is like that:)

I am being fairly good at keeping away from the keyboard for hours at a time. I don’t keep to the times I wrote down but I do get up and do other things at fairly regular intervals. I have managed to prise myself away from the keyboard for at least three hours every evening. Sometimes longer if I get stuck into a good read. I have designated one day for stuff like crafts, reading and later on the gardening.

What I am not so good at is keeping to what I plan to write that day, I wander from one to another. Training an undisciplined mind is hard! Mostly by the end of the week I have achieved most of what I wanted to do but more organization is needed.

Anyway my talk/discussion with the reading group was great fun I didn’t need to worry. The discussion flowed up and around, over and under, every aspect and more of Ellen’s Tale non stop.

Since then though have been under the weather, slight earache, throat and a lot of lethargy. So reading mostly this week. No editing done.

Have blogged about Freedom with fibre & birds,books & more birds, the Reading Group talk, Writers Quote and Words with a review on Mabinogoin & Confessions and a piece about book friends.

Hope everyone has had a more fruitful week that I have. All the best for coming week.

4 thoughts on “Pretty poor round up:(

  1. Fallon says:

    I need a routine or nothing will get done. It can be difficult to get used to a new one though. Although I’ve never tried scheduling time to not do something. ;) good luck.

    • alberta says:

      no I have never done that before – but I had got to a stage when I was harming myself by the long hours spent writing – relaxation was needed:) it is hard though I enjoy writing:)

  2. alberta says:

    It’s not even that bad but it’s there all the time day after day – think might have to go see the doc. as it’s leaving me so tired – will see how this new week progresses – I have less on so maybe with ore rest it will sort itself out – thanks for stopping by:)

  3. John Holton says:

    Earaches make me miserable, and I can’t get anything done, either. If it drags on, be sure and see a doctor.

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