What to put first?: Writer’s Quote Wednesday



This quote is part of Silver Threading’s  Writer’s Quote series. Writer’s who have helped inspire my writing.

To write one must engage with the world around. Imagination is not the everything, imagination needs feeding with experience and observation. Life is what feeds writers.

When I first wrote a book or attempted too, I found it so difficult to begin. Like a new and beautiful notebook – I might spoil it. I would start somewhere in the middle I decided. It worked and I tend to still do it. Not now, because I am afraid of spoiling it, but because of the difficulty of working out exactly where a book should begin.

Pascal was right, obviously the problem has always been there. The back story is always hovering there wanting to be first, but often that back story is not wanted until the middle, the end or not at all. Back story resents that very much and will try to hi-jack the story:) They see the empty path ahead and know their version would fill it beautifully; they are eager to elongate the path – prevent that corner of surprise, which we all know should be the start of the journey.

A writer needs to remain vigilant,characters can be sneaky creatures.

what to do first 2


3 thoughts on “What to put first?: Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Silver Threading says:

    What an excellent quote! Well done Alberta. Thank you for sharing. <3

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