Pretty poor week or so:ROW80



Well missed a week entirely due to many circumstances first and foremost I forgot what day it was! Then wasn’t feeling so hot really – nothing to put a finger on – just not feeling more than dusty. I did not slack, I pottered in and out of doing things, but very half heartedly.

Have injured my index finger and typing is very limited and painful at the moment.

So a quick round up of two weeks

I did manage 3000 new words for The Children’s Tale
Began another short story for Fairy tales/nursery rhymes retelling

Two more chapters of The Children’s Tale and began sorting photos for Memoir

Blogging: Have kept that up, just about
Usual Musing Monday, Writer’s Quotes.
Book Reviews 5 all together for British Books Challenge
I joined in the 1000speak day writing about compassion.
And a piece about barmy great aunts , & sleep

Been moving blogs from blogger to web site on word press. By hand as cannot work out how to do it their way!


Minimal but still hanging in there. Took a whole morning off and played around in Pinterest – I do like that place – such a wealth of information


Have done a three scrumbles, embroidery and a couple of journal page backgrounds.

So next week must do better on The Children’s Tale front, and networking.

Hope everyone had a good week and a productive week to come

8 thoughts on “Pretty poor week or so:ROW80

  1. Allison says:

    Your retirement sounds pleasant and busy! Networking tends to be the one that most overwhelms me. There are so many contacts one could make and sites one could visit. I’m glad to hear your figure is on the mend.

    • alberta says:

      yes the many paths one can wander down once one starts looking – trouble is I do enjoying reading it all:( finger has hardly a twinge now I’m glad to say:)

  2. verushka says:

    I love how wonderfully structured you, are making time for networking as well. I desperately need to do this too, but keep making excuses for myself. SIghs. I need a good kick in the pants, that’s what! Here’s mine:

    • alberta says:

      Not as much maybe as I ought but at odd moments it adds up – dont forget I’m retired with very few other botherations (apart from health!) to prevent me getting on – sorry I gave every one the wrong link:)

  3. Sonia Lal says:

    Three thousand words are a lot.

    • alberta says:

      yes I know but . . . had planned to do 2000 a day for four/five days but only managed one day of writing ‘cos felt bit dusty:( back on form this week and apart from another dose of orange on the hair this morning free of social commitments -yay the words may flow:)

  4. Oh dear, hope your finger is better soon. Typing is very hard with one finger out of action! I broke the little finger of my left hand a couple of years ago, and was surprised how awkward everything was without it. An index finger must be even worse!

    • alberta says:

      Not as bad as a break – it got tangled in the dog’s lead just as she jumped forward to welcome he owner, – more a pulled sprain but very painful – it is easing now so hopefully back to keyboard tomorrow:)

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