ROW80: been missing, back now


I have been missing far to long. Back now fingers crossed. Last month was taken up with the A-Z Blog Challenge which was as always great fun – this was my 5th year.
In March I was busy editing The Children’s Tale, this progresses slowly, very slowly, but progress it does.

I didn’t post goals for this round mainly because my goals are always in a state of flux, due to personal circumstances. They are basically

A) Finish The Children’s Tale
B) Get a good start on the fairy tales.
C) Finish the 3rd part of memoir.
D) Try and think of covers and storyboards for up and coming publications.

It’s fluid though, if I can manage them all by end of year I would be happy, although I would like to do more.

I had visitors for ten days at the beginning of April which definitely put me behind but you know I prefer the visitors to daily tasks:)so have been playing catchup in the garden as well as the house. Have cleared the weeds half way down the garden and can now see an end. The pile of cut tree, from the one that fell end of last year, has been cleared from the front garden so I can look my neighbours in the eye again!:)

This month is write A Story A Day month so am bending to friend from forever/editor’s wishes that I begin another retold fairy story book, will be writing dark and magical tales for a month as a bit of a break from Children’s Tale.

June is Juno so can get back to Children’s Tale then.

I haven’t been so good on networking this last month. Have managed ROW80 some Triberr and some Twitter and Facebook, none of the other places I should have visited. So big BAD for that.

Have read some, not as much as I would have liked,but ten days of gossip and laughter made up for that, however still ahead on the  Goodreads challenge.

So back to normal I hope – I have reinstated my timer and made a timetable for my days. Who knows a more focused Alberta – for a while anyway:)

All the best to fellow Rowers hope your days are fruitful:)

One thought on “ROW80: been missing, back now

  1. Erin Zarro says:

    Sounds like you’re doing well! Writer’s block sucks. I hope you can find a way to smash it.

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