I’m back at last:) alberta’s check in


So having missed nearly all of May due to Internet failure I am hopefully back for the rest of the year:)

I managed to hit my target of a story a day in May. With some reworked fairy tales/nursery rhymes for my friend from forever/editor. Also some, I hesitate to call them ordinary!:),short stories for another book. They all need a good polish.

I also did some finally editing on memoir – going off to friend from forever/editor for her final say so:) Maybe it will make print this year fingers crossed.

Forget it with no connection to cyberspace nothing was achieved for which I apologize.

Not as much as I would have liked but managed to keep up with Book Group reads, Literary Movement Challenge and Goodreads Challenge reads but haven’t been able to post reviews so catch up on those.

Not really – have spent hours catching up on the pile of e-mails waiting me when I got back. Have re jigged my plans for rest of year, am still hoping for Children’s Tale to make it into print this year, friend from forever/editor is hoping for the fairy tales as well so must get busy:)Life:


Second phase of my new garden gathers momentum, almost half is done now. The worst still faces me:)

Did manage to drive myself to friends wedding – the furthest I have managed for a couple of years – and stayed awake through three days – unheard of.  Was very tired after but it was worth it and the added bonus of proof positive that my health is improving , sometimes it is difficult to see, being such a slow process, however I would never have been able to manage that trip this time last year so  a big Yay:)

I have worked out how to eat breakfast on those days when I really cannot face eating – so now on track to three meals a day (although I sometimes still forget lunch!) and a better calorie intake. Then – to try to lose some of this weight. Still cannot convince myself I need to eat more to get the weight off – it’s a funny old world. So stepping up the exercise now to compliment my new found energy:)

I hope everyone is well and thriving and good luck for coming week:)

4 thoughts on “I’m back at last:) alberta’s check in

  1. Beth Camp says:

    Welcome back, Alberta! So nice to read this (and your longer post). I so agree on how luxurious and necessary access to internet has become — for research, for connections to other writers, and for participating in communities like ROW80. I love that your dark side came out in those fairy tales . . . and I commiserate with your being behind in e-mails. Persevere! Enjoy your garden! Write!

    • alberta says:

      garden is going well – e-mails sorted – dark side packed away for a month – feeling on top of everything for a brief moment:) thanks for welcome back:)

  2. alberta says:

    it feels good:) thanks

  3. Widdershins says:

    Nice to see you back again! :)

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