Busy busy week:alberta’s check in


Hi to fellow Row’ers and Juno companions. ‘Tis a busy month for writing with 50,000 words to tuck neatly into leather belt:) I am not actually sure I will be writing this many as I am content this year with just finishing The Children’s Tale and cannot think it needs that many more words.  I but use the discipline of the challenge to knuckle down and get the book finished!

So short and sweet.

Writing: So far 8,000 words of The Children’s Tale

4 hours of editing on memoirs

Blogging: yes kept up with posts, on kissafrog my A-Z reflections (month late!) and Three Thing Thursday, here with Writer’s Quote and a piece on phobias.

Networking: pretty well caught up again, and managed all the four main ones, plus two smaller groups

Reading: Oh yes, quite good this week. Read The Help by Katherine Stockett for book group, Sapiens: a brief history of mankind by Yuval Noah Harari for his take on people being story telling apes , A guide to Fantasy Literature by Philip Martin and Gardening in the shade by A. Titmarsh for my own garden pleasure. I also finished Wickedness by Mary Midgly (I have been reading it for quite some time now)

Others; No

Life: mostly the garden while the weather is so good. making slow but steady progress on re-vamping the garden and amazing myself with unaccustomed energy levels – really beginning to get hopeful I can turn my health around this year:)

So  not a bad week at all – I’m happy with it.  I hope everyone else’s has been good and everyone have a good week:)

4 thoughts on “Busy busy week:alberta’s check in

  1. Cindy says:

    Good to hear about positive progress!!

  2. Good luck finishing your WIP this month! At 8k, you’re off to a great start for June.

    Have a wonderful week! :)

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