2016 goals for ROW80

ROW80LogocopyI faded last year as can be seen by the last date I posted! I found the task of reclaiming the garden stole all my energy and left me too exhausted even to face social media for days/weeks on end. It was important to do the garden it had been three years plus since I had done anything to it, beyond keeping the short path, my sister needed to walk, on weed free. The wild had become wilderness and the vegetable had grown wild! Another year and it would have become more than I could do.

I managed.
However, writing most definitely suffered.

So I face the new year with a reasonable tidy house (done in 2014) and a garden (2015)with higher hopes than I have had for a long while:) I am keeping my aims small and select at least until I see how much energy I can summon to aid me.

I have a major tidy up of my working space and hope the de-cluttering will free the mind a trifle:)

A small problem toward writing more is the fact that this past year arthritis in my right hand has become very painful, physiotherapy is helping and I have called on the Dragon to come out of hibernation and rescue me. We will see:)

Goals for 2016


Round 1 Finish The Children’s Tale (not too  bad as 3/4 of it is written)During this last couple of weeks I have gone through and structured it, so ready to start again.

Round 2 Polish the short story collection I drafted in spring 2015

Round 3 Get both of these to publishing standard.

Round 4 Make three trailers for books missing them.
Blogs: Get into reg. routine and spend one day a week writing them and schedule them on sites. Some such as Three Thing Thursday and Musing Monday can only be done on the day.

Reading: As I joined two more book groups last year (= 4 books that must be read a month) I must cut down on reading challenges so will probably just do Goodreads Challenge as it also a good way of keeping track of what I have read.

Networking: Be more diligent – what more can I say:)

So that is the list for moi. Maybe it will increase maybe it is still too much time will tell.

I hope every one has a good year.

2 thoughts on “2016 goals for ROW80

  1. alberta says:

    ah the lists:) I love ticking off items on them:)

  2. morganmandel says:

    I know how it is. It does seem impossible to get everything done. If I concentrate on keeping my house in order, my writer suffers, and vice versa. I do small lists each day of things I want to get done the next day. Sometimes i manage, other times, not.

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