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My childhood was full of good advice and was surrounded by books from all ages with a free pass to read whatever I wished. Great childhood. It might seem that I took all advice on aboard as a dutiful daughter should. I didn’t. I did listen to those like my Gran’s and parents because, in modern parlance, they were quite cool. I looked up to them and accepted that in most things they knew more than I did.

However, with that free pass to books I also found my own authors and my own quotes, took my own decisions. Not always with their approval!

I am bad at English, at grammar, spelling and punctuation. I have discovered (after retirement) that a great deal of it all is due to Dyspraxia which no-one knew I had all those decades ago but that’s by the by – I struggled, drowning in a chaos of confusion and extra tuition.

Iron rules will not answer. . . what is one man’s colon is another man’s comma    Mark Twain

Mark Twain came to my rescue, much to Dad’s dislike. Mark Twain (along with Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland) helped to undermine his patient teaching. He admired them both, as did the grandparents. Dad told me I was being selective, I was old enough by then to point out so was he and not get frowned at.

We agreed to disagree.

It didn’t stop him trying to get the rules into my head, and when later my writing was in the hands of my friend from forever/editor she faced the same struggle. I think I may have improved, I hope I have, in the meantime I have Mark Twain who understands:)

This quote is part of Silver Threading’s  Writer’s Quote series. Writer’s who have helped inspire my writing and my life. Pop over and follow other quotes there are many inspiring posts


8 thoughts on “Another Man’s Comma :Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. It must’ve been very frustrating for you. Your spelling and grammar is perfect now!

    • alberta says:

      Well it’s nice of you to say so however sad to relate they really are not:( on bad Dyspraxic days they are all over the place and even on reasonably good days the spell checker and four or five read-throughs are necessary – I rely heavily on software for blogging and my friend from forever/editor for my books. Yay for software, and friends from forever/editors. But I am improving – funnily enough I found an old essay I had written when I was 12 yrs (for an exam at school) and the mis-spelled words underlined in red back then were the same words that still get underlined today. Maybe there is a solid core which will never improve!

  2. Silver Threading says:

    What a great reminder quote about language and punctuation. Before computers, I used to be a wiz! Not anymore. Now I have spell checkers, Grammarly, etc. to speed me on my way! I still have issues! LOL! Great quote Alberta! Great to see you! <3

  3. alberta says:

    Indeed they should indeed be celebrated

  4. Widdershins says:

    Blessed are the good editors! :D

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