Much better this week:ROW80


ROW80LogocopyBeen a much better week for creativity this week including good enough weather some days to get into the garden. There was an afternoon when the guide dog trainer came back but it was an afternoon appointment and I managed to get some work done in the morning – there was an emergency dash to the hearing aid department at the local hospital one day to fix one of my sister’s hearing aid which had packed up.

I have been pruning and tiding shrubs in between the wind. With the unnatural warmth there is so much coming into flower now and while I don’t approve of spring flowers in the winter, I’m a seasonal old bird me, they do help to cheer one up. The are not brash like the summer plants, they peep around corners and tuck themselves shyly into nooks and crannies, keeping their heads low from the wind. They tempt out insects and birds as well, so there is a low hum of life emerging out there. With the promise of spring nearly here. Of course February and March can be colder than January and February. We’ll see:)


Writing: The Children’s Tale progresses I wrote four new chapters and passed them through the first two corrections


Editing: I also did some more serious scarlet pen editing and reduced part one by 11,000 words and part two by 9,800 words, This meant that the writing probably being kept stood at 65,135. So have discarded over half of the original as well as the duplicates.

The new chapters add a further 6,862.

So am well pleased. There are still more words to come out as I tighten every thing on subsequent editing

Blogging: Although the unexpected trip to hospital put me a bit behind on blogging I managed quite well this week with my first something new every day, a writers quote and a post about Rizzling my new word. Over among my books I struggle with too many books and confess to buying some more!!

Networking: yes holding my own there:)

Reading:Good with The Bees by Laline Paull, A Man Called Ove byFredik Backman and The Lighthouse by Alison Moore

Other: been trying to tidy up blog sites and check that connections that should be connected are. Fell a bit behind on stuff like that last year.

Pleased with week’s tally and hopeful for next week

Next week I have three groups coming up as well as a quiz so may slow down a bit.

Hope all was well this last week for everyone, keep smiling :)

4 thoughts on “Much better this week:ROW80

  1. You had a great writing week there – hope you’re keeping it up! And good luck keeping up with the garden!

  2. alberta says:

    So early some of them -it’s the birds nesting early that are really bothering me – must tidy up while I can still see they haven’t started where I need to prune

  3. Widdershins says:

    We were late getting our pruning done here and things are starting to pop up all over … ‘things ain’t wot they used to be’… that’s for sure. :)

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