Any reading more easy : Writer’s Quote Wednesday



I do not know any reading more easy more fascinating, more delightful than catalogue
Anatole France 1844-1924

Now this a person after my own heart:)

I am an avid reader. Always and forever I hope. That is not necessarily a reader of books. We have all I am sure practised our early reading skills on food packets:) I have a passion for magazines, from children’s comics through women’s magazines to gardening, science, geographical and philosophical journals as I progressed through life.

As I said I am a reader.

A fairly early delight of mine, when I had pocket money and could walk to the shops to buy my own stationary, were brochures and catalogues.

Many reasons.

Curiosity, a wish to have post sent to me, a feeling of being grown up, oh all kinds of reasons. I started with holiday brochures and small catalogues. Filled with exciting destinations, not so many foreign places at the beginning but I wasn’t fussy I had a desire to travel and these sometimes colourful packets of promise fed this desire into a passion. When colour came in well who wouldn’t have been charmed by the sight of foreign climes in sunny blues and white palaces. I would plot my future routes, dream of intrepid exploring. The books I read gave me the fiction these I believed showed me the truth of the fiction.

Then there were those massive catalogues of everything, clothes, furniture, toys and on and on. I could spend hours pouring over the pictures reading the descriptions. I planned my future homes, clothed my future family, myself sometimes. I created splendid meals in shiny pans.

Then book catalogues were produced, I had to have those, even if they were full of books I would never be able to afford or indeed understand if I read them. I could dream of being an extremely intelligent and erudite adult amazing everyone with my intellect.

Ah, the dreams of my childhood.
Not just childhood.

I found educational courses to learn newness from.Every new skill I mastered from the courses and workshops there was, of course, the need for more catalogues to order supplies from.Then I found auction house brochures – wonderful.  When I won the lottery, I thought:)

You understand I didn’t need to win the lottery, didn’t need to possess these things. it was the dreams and plans that were the delight.

 I scoured the backs of magazines and journals for the addresses to write to. I still do. I am still a sucker for them.

A hot cuppa, a comfy chair and a new catalogue, well, there’s a pleasant restful half an hour or so for moi.

These days I plan where to put new plants in the garden, roses or agapanthus can I afford both? Discount books or leather clad, can I afford either!? Do I need a new mixer – nah. Do I need that new shiny whatever?

I still receive endless catalogues and brochures. Soon, very soon they will be all about aids for living, I will be reading about wheelchairs and angled cutlery. It won’t matter each stage of life can entertain me:)

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the time to read is anytime: Writer’s Quote Wednesday

time to read 2

This quote has always suited me.

I’m not sure how old I was when I learnt to read. I know I could when I went to school at five because on my first day there I got to stand in a corner for being able to do so.


I was told and so had to go through months of boredom as the others in my class who had not the skill stuttered their way through words. (I am talking about the early 1950s)
Books and reading has been my constant daily fix and delight since before memory. There were never enough words to read, never enough places to read them. On buses,in trains, in bed, at mealtimes, in the garden, up a tree, hidden in bushes or behind curtains while parties raged around me:) on sofas, benches in the playground.

I never knew when I would be able to read so I bought my wardrobe to accommodate my love, cardigans had paper book size pockets – handbags had to have room for a book (even evening bags – after all who knew when a date would turn out to be dull:) when I began to travel the world, books came with me, most of any luggage which accompanied me would be full of books – e-books would have given my shoulders so much relief! I spent many happy hours sitting on suitcases and rucksacks reading, Have read on the Equator and the arctic circle. In deserts and beside oceans.

Anytime and everywhere all I need is something to read.

The four years I lost my reading were the loneliest

This quote is part of Silver Threading’s  Writer’s Quote series. Writer’s who have helped inspire my writing and my life. Pop over and follow other quotes there are many inspiring posts


Think in straight lines!: ROW80


It was going to be a fairly open week for me, with so much time to write.
It was going to be.
It wasn’t.

People kept coming. Don’t get me wrong I like people but really! there is a time and place:)

The most important in reality was the trainer from Guide Dogs. She came to see if we can tweak my sister and the dog to enable ease, on the longer walks. I offered to draw the trainer a map of my sister’s routes.

Easy I thought.
It turned out to be a small nightmare.

I hadn’t realised just how much one can think in straight lines. I drive down the road turn left or right at the end ( mind’s eye, a straight road!) My sister cannot tell if she is following a curve or turning left so we refer to the same lines – follow the pavement until you get to a kerb (more straight lines!)

Until one has to produce a detailed walking map.

We are not good at grid systems in the UK and as I found out even this newer part of the village couldn’t bring itself to even try.
Nothing straight.

Many sweeping curves.

Imaginative maze of cul de sacs and green lanes.
Yes, well!

That took me a long time and many sheets of paper before I had produced a good copy – so proud of it:)
The other visitors were friends, one of whom came to pick up some wood for his heating. Which served to remind me I have some felling and sawing to do this winter. Must get on with it.


WRITING: Better week, writing wise.The Children’s Tale It is difficult to keep track of words at moment as I am still ditching large amounts of old work, however, I did write two new chapters this week which was very satisfactory.

EDITING: All the remaining words have gone through autocrit for overused words, adverbs etc – I bring the underlined mistakes back down to Scrivener to work on off line, so now comes the painstaking work of removing the words and re-writing scenes. But now at least many of the first mistakes can be seen.

IDEAS: I was watching a local artist on TV this afternoon and he said something about framed hung art which set of a tumbling cascade of idea for a weird short story – smashing:)

BLOGS: Managed three only not so good.A Musing Monday, Set up Something New Every Day, Let the Mind be a Thoroughfare for Ideas
NETWORKING: Not too bad – managed most days.

READING: Not so much but did read The Maze Run by James Dashner by which was a page turner surprising me somewhat ( why should it?)Now I’m well ensconced in The Bees by Laline Paull.

OTHER: Well now, I began a bullet journal which may or may not work!

I had a crazy idea end of last year to paint a mural on the shower wall I am determined to try this coming month – I have doodled a plan – bought some sample paints and all raring to go.

I have also sewn together individual scrumbles into larger pieces so can now work out what to do with them all.

I also managed a little time in the garden, between the cold and wind.


If I can keep it clear! I should like to add at least three more chapters of The Children’s Tale.
Get as near as possible to half way through 2nd draft rewrites.
Begin planning a-z blogs for April.

I hope everyone had a satisfactory week and all the best for this coming one – keep smiling:)