Do I have no rights here:)


I had to think of themes this week for a memoir workshop. What was I basing my memoir on?  I found this difficult.  I am using my blogs as the main part and they cover such a variety of subjects it just seemed like mishmash.  I settled down with my mind mapping programme and a few hours. Finally concentrated it all down to ‘words’.  Not what I expected, however that is where all my experiences/ interests/essence of moi appear to connect to each other.  Sorted.  Can now erect a structure to wrap it around.  In the other workshop we have to go back with a character study of ourselves.  Wow.  I don’t even do this on my characters.  Pin myself on an exhibition board, a captive butterfly:( this one took even longer but I have a list of me ready for the morrow.  Personal looks, interests, fears, ambitions, strengths weakness, irritations, anger etc.  not a bad specimen, a little tattered on the wing:)

 On a different track but still memory bound how does someone break a wrist and not know it?  I was at doctors this week about something else and because my ankle has been bothering me a lot this week I asked to see the letter about my joints from last year. At the time I had been ill, gone to the doctors for something else entirely and taken little notice except to have arthritis confirmed.  The left wrist and ankle with the right wrist had been x-rayed (they had been really bad before I was ill last year. I knew the left side had been smashed badly a few years ago, can still feel the pain in my dreams:( However apparently the right wrist has been broken at some time in my life!!  I’m right handed – how did I miss that event. Puzzling all weekend over that.  Could have felt like a really bad sprain the doctor said.  Ah well easy then.  Not.  I was a ‘clumsy child’ and ‘clumsy adult’. I have dyspraxia; I am always falling over, bumping into things –cutting, spraining, twisting and occasionally breaking – which of those sprains was a break?  How can a person not know?  Last year my right ankle was fine, this year it is more painful than the other – if it was x-rayed would they find evidence of another unknown break.  I consider it sneaky of the body to be hiding these things from me – do I have no rights here:)

 ROW80: This week

 Writing:  The Ancestor’s Tale has grown by a further 8469 words this week. I have finished the two sections of the story giving me the most trouble.  I have almost finished a third section, maybe will be tonight. I can see I won’t have the entire book finished by Friday, when I planned to start editing, but hopefully by next Sunday I will.

 Blogs: One written and sent off to The Indie Exchange for my monthly slot on the 26th of each month.

  I have had two guests on the Red Carpet this week  Jo Linsdell and Terrie Morgan. Both showcasing their books.  Take a look, although completely different they are both good books.

 Workshops: Both the memoir workshops, in cyberspace and down here in the real world started well. Looking forward to the new week.

 The scrivener workshop has already taught me a lot about the programme.  Not least the relationship the programme has with the rest of my computer.  After I thought it had all vanished, ‘twas just playing hide and seek:)

 So quite a lot of homework for the three, and is all done and up to date.

 Trailer: the music for Jack’s Tale is beginning to take shape, have started on the storyboard but it’s proving elusive at the moment. Ah well.

 Reading:  still reading my childhood books finished 2 more of them and begun the first of what I guess would be called YA now or. . . never sure what age group YA is supposed to be. Have quite a few to go before April and the A-Z.

 Already I am able to trace some themes and clusters for the challenge.  I don’t want it just to be a list of authors and titles the overall theme for me this year was to be the impact that books have had on me over 6+decades.  And to extent how the books themselves have changed over that time..  Frankly I have read too many books to confine them into 26 blogs even if could remember them all.  Think I am almost at the point when I could start writing some pre challenge blogs.

 Exercise: My sister training continues 2x a week and I am finding the distance easier to do heart wise but more painful arthritis wise – falling apart moi:) but that’s what pain killers are for.  There is no doubt I feel better overall for the fresh air and exercise.

 Networking: Yes

 Next Week: It is a non writing week so although more of the same for Ancestor’s and workshops, there wont be much time for large word counts, never mind. I would like to write at least one blog.

 I hope everyone is still smiling and that life goes well.  All the best for the coming week.

How to write the second, the third, the. . .


Most of us, I would guess, begin with the single thought ‘I want to write a book’. We do not realize the commitment, hard graft and discipline needed. But hey, that’s alright, we learn those facts quickly. If we continue we do so is because, having learnt the lessons, still think it’s worth our while to inhabit strange imaginary worlds and sacrifice large parts of our ‘leisure time’

We write that first book but, what of the second? Now, I have never written two stand alone books, when I began I believed I was penning one book, somehow it turned itself into a series, don’t ask me how. I could not tell you.  A lesson I appear to have missed  ‘Plan your series before you begin’ do not make it up as you go along.  If do not plan, then, oh then, best beloveds, insecurity will be increased tenfold.

When I wrote Ellen’s Tale (a one off) I decided to set  the tale in the world of Archives. An historical research project. Fine. A student tries to piece together a 50 year old story of great significance to the world. All she has are a few transcribed interviews, a more experienced archivist and  books of the period.

Many people may not like the style of having different characters narrating basically the same story, but I thought I had moved the story along reasonably well. It is set in 2161. So much back story, which I had learnt can not flood the story, hints, and references is all. I had Ellen leave her safe home at the end and I apparently killed off the archivists as well!

Well,  somewhere half way through Ellen my mind had ordered me to write a second book, The Storyteller’s Tale. One needs a cliff hanger; I was present for that lesson!

So a series was being created, patchwork style. I knew the structure of the 1st book would become tedious over a second book, but how to keep it near enough to the first for it to remain a series. After  a little while  I decided this archival material could be just the one person narrating her story. This time archivists listened to an original recording. No other version of events. Okay.  I  smiled and breathed my relief – it worked.  I should have stopped there. Ellen was abroad in the wilderness with companions. How on earth could I present archival material in another, I  wanted to write a third.

This took me months to figure out. I was even planning by now, not winging it. Complicated planning. Jack’s Tale, the 3rd, caused me so much anxiety I almost gave up. After a great deal of angst I found an answer. Ellen is the narrator through most of this book, a collection of her letters (without the answering ones) and some journal entries continue the story of her and her companions. And at the major catastrophe of their life she takes up the recording machine and conducts her own research programme.

If I had been a nail biter I would be minus all the ends of my fingers after I launched Jack onto the world, I wasn’t at all sure this change of reporting would work. Somehow it did. My regular readers were still with me.

Last year I took a chance on a 4th, The Ancestor’s Tale, and wished I hadn’t.  I had run out of ideas and variations. Not for the book, no I had always known I wanted some of that back story. The Great Climate Wars that had been responsible for 8 billion dead! But the way I started it was dull, dull, dull – even I didn’t want to read account after account of doom and gloom. I know, I know, it is dystopian but even so.

Well I was laid low, as some of you know, spending more time on/in my bed than upright. Between the dozing and sleeping my mind was let free to wander. The anxiety about structure vanished. I wasn’t writing anything, anytime soon, so why worry?

In this freedom the answer worked itself out. The story is still being pieced together by the Archive. The story line now encompasses the period from the Great Wars right up to the current time 2161, but now there are some memories not recorded, indeed may never be so (the end of the story hasn’t been written yet:)and will be lost to the archivists, some that have been confined by a time restraint and so must wait until they can be included into the unfinished Chronicles. I love my imagination.

I have also worked out how the 6th and possibly last tale will work and be connected.

The present worry, one that is beginning to consume my thoughts and cause an upflare of anxiety again, is how can I write the 5th?

When this series is finished I shall write one offs only:)

Hopeful Goals for 2013:alberta’s over reaching.


So here we are back in the fold having strayed over to investigate life for a few weeks:)  Nice to be back.  I hope everyone is feeling ready to go I know I am.  Full of  way out of control plans like conquer the world, swim the Amazon and. . . .  no lets get back to sense:)

I haven’t been idle this year and have written an Insecure Writers post and joined in a blog hop title What is a Classic and have had my first Red Carpet book spot

I lost time in 2012 so need to make up on WIP –it’s head down and fingers scorching the keyboard.  I have over the holidays been working on producing a book of my blogs to add to our family history info, not for public consumption:) and I have with my Living History Group written a chronological account of my childhood which needs knocking into shape also for private consumption.

2012 I am tucking away on the box marked memoirs, putting on top shelf and let it collect cobwebs.  This year is a beautiful empty box, myriad colours and bows just ready to be filled with the following. These are goals for a year not just for a round! I learnt the hard way last year not to make rounds too rigid – I have to keep stress levels down this year.


Finish writing The Ancestors Tale (4th in Sefuty series)

The Blue Moon (from nano 2011)

Finish Purple Turtles (short story collection)

Write some more of Menko (nano2012) hopefully finish

Edit The Ancestor’s Tale

Edit Purple Turtles

Maybe edit Blue Moon

Edit memoires and childhood accounts

Publish The Ancestor’s Tale

Publish Purple Turtles

Begin to tour the previous three in the Sefuty Chronicles, throughout the year, before The Ancestor’s Tale comes out.

Find reviewers for the 1st three Sefuty Chronicles for some up to date reviews before The Ancestor’s Tale comes out.

I intend to take part in in


A Story a Day




There may be more come up later

Smaller bits include making a trailer for Jack’s Tale in time to flash all the Sefuty Chronicles during the year:)


I have signed up for ten workshops with savvyauthors spread over the year which I hope will improve my writing.

Network as much as possible without detracting from writing!

Keep my blogs up to date I have signed a few authors and book spots up for my Red Carpet for Jan and Feb – am concentrating on three Wednesdays a month to have it available for authors wanting to tour/guest post/ interview/book spotlight etc so please if anyone needs a platform let us know.  I belong to 5 tribes now so the potential reach is larger than my blog.

My reading challenges this year includes indie, self pub or small press, e-book, dystopia and fantasy amongst other and I hope to support fellow authors more this year so if you want to try me let us know.  I am not a reviewer as such but I do write them if I enjoy a book, on Alberta reads, which is linked to Goodreads.

Am working out a routine which hopefully will, with the help of Dragon, mean I do not have to write every day – I am not good at pacing but have to consider it now, if I am not to be ill again – so will be churning out word counts 2/3 wks of each month then the other 1-2 weeks living in the real world:) I do have other interests and I need to indulge in them more.

It sounds a great deal, however, the WIPs are almost finished, only 1 trailer and the networking schedule I have works pretty well without consuming too much time. The Story a Day challenge goes towards Purple Turtle and the NaNoEdMo helps the goals – so I’m fairly confident, if health holds out, I can do it. After all, we retired old biddies must be kept from mischief:)

Happy 2013 to everyone- I am a sponsor this round so hope to get around a bit more.