A mess and a muddle to sort:)


I have been missing from this weekly check-in for the whole summer at least for which I apologise.  Life has loomed large. Great political upheavals and continuing morality issues around the world have all threatened my new found relief from long term depression. My arthritic wrists have become so painful the amount of work I can manage, involving them, has been reduced dramatically. Unfortunately I am allergic to anti inflammatory drugs and really don’t want to be taking painkillers all and every day.

I have been using my hands in the garden. I began last year to re-jig my outside space to enable me to cope as age continues its inevitable journey, I think, I may, just get it finished in time.

All the beds have been replanted with shrubs, bulbs and hardy perennials. Vegetables , time consuming if delicious, have gone. Fruit bushes and trees relocated to the wild garden; I no longer make jam or chutney – so  am giving up the yearly fight with the birds, I have given them to wildlife complete with no strings attached:)

The wilderness was mostly tamed last summer, this summer has been about a massive pruning programme and also filling the beds with lovely cottage garden and wild flowers. Next year – fingers crossed I get to sit and enjoy:)

Now I am in the process of closing the garden down for the year I will have more time to concentrate on the writing/editing.

Mostly The Children’s Tale was written, but over the course of three or four years of illness and depression, it had been written in many guises; several POVs, several frameworks, started-put aside-started again, time and time again.

It was a mess and it is with that muddle I have been struggling all this summer.
At last it is taking shape – I hope the final shape:)

So what for THIS ROUND  of ROW80

Yes, I’m finally back! Hi there everyone:) I hope nothing goes wrong – the children are growing more insistent their tale is told:)


Editing, editing and yet more editing! I cannot in all honesty say it is my favourite occupation but it is happening. The Children’s Tale marches forward apace and is becoming cleaner every day.  I also have to locate what’s missing and write fillers/connections. The slowness of the whole process this time around is about changing the tense and rewriting some scenes entirely to fit the new structure. Not quite a major overhaul but pretty well near.

Blogs: They have been non existent for months so am hoping to get back into the flow. Not committing as it depends on hands; do have lots of ideas and topics I want to write about. I have posted on albertareads for Musing Monday

Reading: Have read a great deal this summer complete with pillow on my lap so I haven’t had to hold the books. On my Goodread challenge I am up to 100 out of my challenge of 110. About the only aim which has been achieved!

Others: I did start a Pinterest board for The Children’s Tale, an idea I picked up here on ROW80. I will need to create cover and trailer for The Children’s Tale later in the round, have thought about it during the summer and have some ideas – good I hope.

Otherwise life progresses, a little to fast for my liking, but it is still fun. All the best to other ROWers.

Much better this week:ROW80


ROW80LogocopyBeen a much better week for creativity this week including good enough weather some days to get into the garden. There was an afternoon when the guide dog trainer came back but it was an afternoon appointment and I managed to get some work done in the morning – there was an emergency dash to the hearing aid department at the local hospital one day to fix one of my sister’s hearing aid which had packed up.

I have been pruning and tiding shrubs in between the wind. With the unnatural warmth there is so much coming into flower now and while I don’t approve of spring flowers in the winter, I’m a seasonal old bird me, they do help to cheer one up. The are not brash like the summer plants, they peep around corners and tuck themselves shyly into nooks and crannies, keeping their heads low from the wind. They tempt out insects and birds as well, so there is a low hum of life emerging out there. With the promise of spring nearly here. Of course February and March can be colder than January and February. We’ll see:)


Writing: The Children’s Tale progresses I wrote four new chapters and passed them through the first two corrections


Editing: I also did some more serious scarlet pen editing and reduced part one by 11,000 words and part two by 9,800 words, This meant that the writing probably being kept stood at 65,135. So have discarded over half of the original as well as the duplicates.

The new chapters add a further 6,862.

So am well pleased. There are still more words to come out as I tighten every thing on subsequent editing

Blogging: Although the unexpected trip to hospital put me a bit behind on blogging I managed quite well this week with my first something new every day, a writers quote and a post about Rizzling my new word. Over among my books I struggle with too many books and confess to buying some more!!

Networking: yes holding my own there:)

Reading:Good with The Bees by Laline Paull, A Man Called Ove byFredik Backman and The Lighthouse by Alison Moore

Other: been trying to tidy up blog sites and check that connections that should be connected are. Fell a bit behind on stuff like that last year.

Pleased with week’s tally and hopeful for next week

Next week I have three groups coming up as well as a quiz so may slow down a bit.

Hope all was well this last week for everyone, keep smiling :)

Think in straight lines!: ROW80


It was going to be a fairly open week for me, with so much time to write.
It was going to be.
It wasn’t.

People kept coming. Don’t get me wrong I like people but really! there is a time and place:)

The most important in reality was the trainer from Guide Dogs. She came to see if we can tweak my sister and the dog to enable ease, on the longer walks. I offered to draw the trainer a map of my sister’s routes.

Easy I thought.
It turned out to be a small nightmare.

I hadn’t realised just how much one can think in straight lines. I drive down the road turn left or right at the end ( mind’s eye, a straight road!) My sister cannot tell if she is following a curve or turning left so we refer to the same lines – follow the pavement until you get to a kerb (more straight lines!)

Until one has to produce a detailed walking map.

We are not good at grid systems in the UK and as I found out even this newer part of the village couldn’t bring itself to even try.
Nothing straight.

Many sweeping curves.

Imaginative maze of cul de sacs and green lanes.
Yes, well!

That took me a long time and many sheets of paper before I had produced a good copy – so proud of it:)
The other visitors were friends, one of whom came to pick up some wood for his heating. Which served to remind me I have some felling and sawing to do this winter. Must get on with it.


WRITING: Better week, writing wise.The Children’s Tale It is difficult to keep track of words at moment as I am still ditching large amounts of old work, however, I did write two new chapters this week which was very satisfactory.

EDITING: All the remaining words have gone through autocrit for overused words, adverbs etc – I bring the underlined mistakes back down to Scrivener to work on off line, so now comes the painstaking work of removing the words and re-writing scenes. But now at least many of the first mistakes can be seen.

IDEAS: I was watching a local artist on TV this afternoon and he said something about framed hung art which set of a tumbling cascade of idea for a weird short story – smashing:)

BLOGS: Managed three only not so good.A Musing Monday, Set up Something New Every Day, Let the Mind be a Thoroughfare for Ideas
NETWORKING: Not too bad – managed most days.

READING: Not so much but did read The Maze Run by James Dashner by which was a page turner surprising me somewhat ( why should it?)Now I’m well ensconced in The Bees by Laline Paull.

OTHER: Well now, I began a bullet journal which may or may not work!

I had a crazy idea end of last year to paint a mural on the shower wall I am determined to try this coming month – I have doodled a plan – bought some sample paints and all raring to go.

I have also sewn together individual scrumbles into larger pieces so can now work out what to do with them all.

I also managed a little time in the garden, between the cold and wind.


If I can keep it clear! I should like to add at least three more chapters of The Children’s Tale.
Get as near as possible to half way through 2nd draft rewrites.
Begin planning a-z blogs for April.

I hope everyone had a satisfactory week and all the best for this coming one – keep smiling:)