alberta’s vanishing week

Where oh where has this week gone? Vanished like sun melted snow. I was buoyant and sure on Monday, uncertain on Wednesday and downright indignant today. Gone!

Well it’s not as if they were wasted days, much was achieved here at home with an extra parcel of training being unwrapped for my sister – pre- guide dog arrival – which has been moved forward three days and will now happen at the end of this week.  Another weekend gone:)  Visits from the local blind association with a few new gadgets.

A visit from the pensions fellow – I am now the official carer for my sister.  I never got around to applying after Mum died, so it was long overdue.  Then my Living History Group which had already been moved twice this month convened and because two of the stalwarts failed to turn up I contacted them afterwards to find he had been rushed of to hospital with a heart attack.  He’s going to okay we think but his wife is no driver, nearly 80 and frail so the rest of the weekend has been taken up with ferrying and reassuring.  Life is what came and stole the days away.

Life also brought my friend from forever/editor and her husband to help me finish the dog pen for new guide dog and rescue my sanity!  So alls well that ends well.  This week will bring more of the same and the new dog arrives on Friday morning.

The sun has been shining the skies blue and really there’s nothing much to whinge about! On the writing front progress has been okay.

1:  Blue Moons had another 3000 words added, a great deal of thought on the part where the body has to vanish and 1/2 slightly knotty problems of faith and ethics resolved ‘ish.

2: Three blogs have gone up –on this site you can read

a) A fine Romance– my contribution to Valentines Day and again                              b) on this site a continuation of my blog on reading                                                          c)  Over on Alberta reads I put up a short blog on reading groups, recommendations and rereads and
d) On kiss afrog -the first part of my spider phobia . Also                                               e) on Sefuty Chronicles another peice on diminishing resources .                                         So a good week on the blogging.

3:  Have re-registered for NaNoEdMo for March where hopefully Blue Moon will be licked into shape!

4: Managed after a lot of whinging and help to get connected to ROW80 tribe

5: Networking on FB, Twitter, Novel Publicity, Rachael Harrie Campaign and Goodreads quite a lot achieved there in the odd moments of the days

6: Have made a great start on A-Z  challenge ideas, research and pictures

7: Exercise? well I am exhausted – all you who work out every day, who do hot gyms and long runs will fall on the floor laughing at my attempts – take care you do not pull any muscles with the humour:) I have walked 7 miles this week!! 7 miles.  I will have you know this is probably the most I have walked for years.  It is amazing, and worthy of comment.  I did not enjoy any moment of it but am I proud of myself. Well up on exercise goals

This coming week I am leaving the novel alone, getting ahead on blogs, and networking. Hours available for writing will be limited and bitty so going to be realistic.

How did everyone else get on? – good I hope.  All the best for coming week.

6 thoughts on “alberta’s vanishing week

  1. Laura Parish says:

    Well done this week. You rocked your goals. :)
    Have a good week and see you Sunday. x

  2. Tia Bach says:

    Sometimes what we accomplish is not what we set out to accomplish, but it is still accomplishment. Sounds like a productive week, and I’m sure the writing will start flowing again. Hugs!

  3. A very busy week indeed Alberta. Darn life :lol: It may feel like the week slipped away but you made amazing progress in a lot of areas, so way to go! Best of luck with the upcoming week.

  4. S. J. Maylee says:

    Progress, forward rounded edges progress, very nice!!
    Congrats on the 7 miles!! I’ve recently lost a good bit of weight and I swear it only swung into gear b/c I found exercise that I really like to do (for me it was Nia). I’m hoping you can find something that you will actually look forward to doing.
    Hope you have a great week!!!

  5. Ruth Nestvold says:

    Hey, sounds like you’re making lots of progress on many different fronts, Alberta, give yourself a break! :)

    Congrats on all you’ve achieved and have a wonderful week!

  6. You have been very busy and in so many wonderful ways. Not a moment has been wasted! :-)

    This week has slipped by me as well, but in a flurry of writing and work related tasks. All is good and life fruitful. :-)

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