Better than I thought,last check in

Esprit de la femme


In March I had to delay plans and goals because we discovered my sisters new guide dog was arriving, that was alright, I could adjust, that is after all what ROW80 is about. It was still working well, this 2012.  Then in June everything appeared to crash around my ears, writing-wise.  Heart failure struck with little warning and I slept the summer away, I thought.  In between sleep my brain functioned barely at all, I thought.

 It seems I wasn’t thinking very well because when I looked today to see what my original goals for this year had been, I scored reasonably well.  Instead of the year being a washout (as our summer weather was:) I found I had been reasonably successful.

 My main aims were to start The Ancestor’s Tale – well I did during the JuNoWrMo and clocked up 80,000 words.  Of course it would have been nice to have finished and published this year but hey ¾ way through:) – Sort of!

 Finish Blue Moon (2011’s nano) Nope – nothing of any consequence added.  Did three field trips researching for background though. –No

 Finish Purple Turtles (short stories) well I didn’t because my friend from forever/editor wanted me to concentrate on the fantasy short stories and so The Fiddling Feline, the Flea and the Frog et al was conceived and published:) –Yes-ish

Create the book trailers for each of the Sefuty Chronicles – well I managed two of the three:) and have just completed The Fiddling Feline – due to be uplifted this week Yes-ish:)

Join in challenges as and when –

ROW80, I missed a few weeks but overall managed so Yes:)


JuNoWrMo Yes:) 

Write a short story a dayYes:)

also almost finished a short story a week(finishes for me early next year) – Reckon that will be a Yes:)


NaNoWrMo (the birth of Menko)Yes:)

 Blogging: At the beginning of the year I created two new blogs, then separated the two I already had and spread content between the four, so that different interests were in different places.  I thought, this year, I had failed badly in regards to blogging, however on counting them up I found that I blogged 164 times over the four sites. Amazed myself.  I was pleased to find that I have managed 16 Red Carpet Days with guests.  I also managed every other month to post on Insecure Writers. Of course quite a few  ROW80, and not to forget 26 for A-Z:)  but I also managed to post  book reviews, lifestyle and Sefuty Chronicle blogs so for me a Yes:)

 Networking was difficult at times, however, I did manage to a certain degree.  Joining 4 tribes on Triberr, so now when I have guest the potential reach for their interviews, book spots etc is far wider. So from a limited level a Sort off

 I did many writing/editing workshops this year with savvy and although for many of them I did little in the way of active participation I have learnt a great deal and I have all the notes so that, now my energy returns, I can try and catch up a bit, another Sort off

I was successful in all my reading challenges – well why not I had a mass of time lying on my bed to indulge.  On all, except two, have finished the course Yes:) and the other two why I have until the end of the year I might make it a full house yet:)

 As you can see I did better than I had thought – no novels this year but a collection and the smaller goals pretty good – am happy.  The upside of the lack of novels is that in those endless hours of drifting and without the hurly burley distractions of everyday life, I have in my mind strengthen the plot lines, come up with some new scenes and am happier about the forward motion of both of them. Sometimes one needs rest and if not taken willingly? well enforced rest will still do.

 Apart from a couple of booked guest posts and helping Shah with her book launch will be doing little actually writing over the festivities. Am going to concentrate a bit on updating my family history files, tidy up the childhood bit ready for a one off print version, edit all posts for last 2 years for the same.  Will prob. play with software a bit and train dragon a some more.  Read, read and gen. do nothing much.

 I hope everyone else was satisfied with their year and am looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

9 thoughts on “Better than I thought,last check in

  1. Julie Glover says:

    You got a lot done this year, Alberta! In spite of the down summer. Congratulations on all of your progress, and I hope to see you again in 2013! :)

    • alberta says:

      This year would have been even more dire if it hadn’t been for all those on such as ROW80 – understanding and support – particulaly in respect to the frustrations of not being able to write – non writers can’t get it sometimes:( and their to help one pick oneself up again – so def. be back next round:) Enjoy the festivities and see you in a few weeeks:)

  2. denizb33 says:

    Awesome! Isn’t it great to look back and find out you did more than expected?

  3. S. J. Maylee says:

    Wow, you did so well this year, Alberta. You got me thinking about the goals I want for next year. I’m looking forward to seeing where 2013 will take you. Happy Holidays.

    • alberta says:

      Thanks. Yes next years goals! I tell myself to keep them realistic esp. after this year but you know, I am planning as if nothing will go wrong:) after all a goal is only something one wants to acheive, never a fixed spot- so aim as high as one wishes, be ready to stumble,deviate, stall or sit down and admire the view. I aim to enjoy the attempt at the summit:) Happy festivities – look foward to seeing back in the next round

  4. Gloria Weber says:

    Nothing ever goes as planned (at least it doesn’t for me). Despite all the hurdles you had, you made your plans come out wonderfully. Congrats on doing so much and doing so well this year.

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