Not the time for play:)


Short and sweet this week. It is nano time. When I decided to enter again this year to finish The Children’s Tale I indulged in my normal behaviour on a website. I wandered around, peeping into the cupboards, opening all the doors.

Nosy? moi?

Never, it’s an inquiring mind:)

Eventually I got to the prize page – I won scrivener on a previous nano and has been my favourite ever since. I looked up Aeon Timeline  And found a blog on their page by Amelia Lynn.   About the tools she found useful in her writing.

Couldn’t resist. Don’t we all want help? Don’t we all think there is something out there which will help us write the book which is still a classic in two hundred years time?:)

Yeah. Well. Maybe not, but tools to help?

She had an interesting list and I pursued a couple. Downloading trial programmes of them.

This was a couple of days before the nano madness began.

A few days before nano is not the right time to download new software, at least not if one’s fingers itch to play. No time to create the lists, to fill in the time line, no time to . .

Well you get it. Frustrating or what? I played enough to know they will be helpful.
Not now.
Later when I am not in a challenge to write 50000 words in a month.

I also entered the write Non Fiction in a Month challenge for the second year. I am not writing anything fresh  but trying to finish what I started last year. A memoir based on blogs I have written over the past four years. I am hoping with challenge mode turned full steam ahead I may acheive that.

So what has been achieved the last ten days?


22,000 words for The Children’s Tale in NaNoWriMo

20 chapters gone through autocrit and ten of those edited (first edit) for memoir WrNoFiMo

Networking: not brilliant but hoping to improve.

Reading: Three books in the last ten days. One for a reading group, one for fun and the other for interest will write them up soon.

Blogs: short one about Nano, a Review and blog on Kate Atkinson

Other: nil

So hopefully better next week- all the best to one and all:)

One thought on “Not the time for play:)

  1. Congrats on your progress this week, Alberta! I look forward to hearing what books you’ve been reading and whether you recommend any of them. Good luck this coming week!

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