Alberta’s Life List

I have found ROW80 such a help in getting my writing goals achieved that I am now listing some goals for the coming year.  Inspired my Jenny Handsen and her Life Goals.  I am going to list mine for the coming 12 months.  Hopefully I can achieve them all but there again that depends on Life!  When one is galloping towards the 7th decade of living, life is slightly different ones  perspectives change, expectations in the matter of health and longitude are more dependant on the obituary column!  I completed all my life ambitions by the time I was in my 40s and had to invent a couple more.  Since then apart from ROW80 I have not made any goals for myself.  Time to get back into planning life as opposed to drifting:)  Thanks Jenny.

My Life List

1)  Continue with my list for ROW80 goals for writing

2)  Complete the writing of my childhood memories and print: this is all the pieces I have written in my Living History Group – the print is not for public consumption.

3)  Sort and file (for Archives) all the papers/ photos of the family (there are hundreds)

4)  Finish semi taming the wild part of the garden –which I am turning into mini orchard

5)  Finish at least 6 of my WIP in my craft room!

6)  Practise drawing at least twice a week, I’m not good but would like to be adequate.

7 & 8)  Increase mobility exercises and to this end also practise the keyboard at least four times a week you never know I may become a pianist as well.

9)  Increase cardio exercise

10)  Make a start /finish the mosaic I planned for my shower – it’s been 10 years since I conceived the idea:(

11)  Make a start/finish the stencil decorations on cupboards same amount of time as above:(

12)  Sort out books and find good homes for the unwanted ones (this is a major headache of a task, as the books I have bought and inherited number in their thousands!!

13)  Read fiction every day – I already read a great deal of non fiction as I research.

14)  Learn one new thing a day – however small

15)  Master at least one new skill on the computer

16)  Allow more time to contemplate, to include the philosophy and ethics of modern-day living

17)  Continue to take workshops/read /practice and try to  get the hang of rules of good writing in to my head:) – show those school teachers of old!

18)  Print of and edit all my blogs for a book of essays to print to go with childhood memories

19)   Re-paint all window cills/garden furniture/ fences (when needed)

20)  Last, but certainly not least, find some fun every day

2 thoughts on “Alberta’s Life List

  1. alberta says:

    in my 40s:) – those were life ambitions – greater and more dependent on chance than goals which I hope will be doable – of course chance can still crash them down!! keep going with your own – you’re young yet:)

  2. I am 47 and I wish that I had completed all of my goals by 40; how amazing that you did. It is wonderful that you are making new goals for yourself and I look forward to seeing the progress you make as you complete them.

    Peace and Blessings,

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